Who Says to Jesus, ¨Leave our Area!¨?

And, look! All the city turned out to meet Jesus; and after having seen him, they earnestly urged him to move out from their districts.  Matthew 8:34 (Reference Bible)



Jesus came healing and performing miraculous signs, but this story in Matthew 8 tells us of a people who begged Him to leave their area.  We wonder why on earth anyone in their right mind would turn out the very Son of God.

Now we can sit back in aloof judgment of the actions of those people that day, or we can humble ourselves and consider the text with an eye for healing instruction.  Perhaps there is more to be learned than the fact that some other poor people missed a great opportunity to draw near to our Savior.

Jesus was nothing ordinary.  He came by divine plan and with divine purposes.  He went about His work of saving and directing us all towards Him and the His Father in Heaven with great and miraculous forces.  Everything about Him was amazing.

But there were many people and there are still today those who just don´t want to open themselves to all that this means to us.

When we read these stories about Jesus, we should always imitate Jesus and try to show compassion towards the people described there.  For sure the Bible was not written only to tell us of some of the things that happened once upon a time.

The Sacred Scriptures are written for our instruction towards finding our God.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, we all hope to draw nearer to our Creator and His intentions for us.  To do this we need the correct, humble attitude and to study carefully and pray diligently.  No comfortable comparison between people some ancient day will and our own superiority will get us any closer to God nor correct any devious distractions that the enemy may send to confuse the fold of Our Shepard.

Therefore, let us open our hearts to the Lord today.  Even if we have never left the fold and have been devote Christians for years.  Jesus is amongst us, our duty is to follow, to draw near.  We need to listen carefully for His voice.  We need to see Him working in and around us.  It is vital for our souls that we do not miss this opportunity to have this relationship with Him right here and right now.

Anyone who would push the moment of finding Jesus off for another moment, is actually asking Him to leave the area.  We say that we don´t have the time to turn our thoughts to Him or to send up a short but direct prayer, but what we are really doing is sending Him away.

In this we are all guilty and there is not one who can point the finger at that poor unsuspecting town which got frightened and lost their opportunity to receive the very Son of God.

Pray with me today that you and I do not do like them nor like we might easily do in our busy schedules.  Let us come to our knees before the Lord and ask rather that He come and be with us.  Let us not settle for a comfortable assurance that He is here even, but beg and plead that this relationship is real.  We need to know that the Lord is comfortable in our company and we are receiving all the instruction we should.

If you are hearing His voice and seeing His movement in and around you today, blessed are you and hopefully you will not fall to that easy but tragic custom we have of asking our Lord to leave us in peace.

May the Holy Spirit be with you in your prayers and studies.


Scott W

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