“Tell us by what authority you are doing these things,” they said. “Who gave you this authority?”   He replied, “I will also ask you a question. Tell me, John’s baptism–was it from heaven, or from men?”  Luke 20:2-4 (NIV)

Jesus is instructing and some people come up to Him to see where He gets the authority to do and be like He is.  These people have their society.  They have their religion.  They have their beliefs and their way of life all laid out for them.  They cannot see where Jesus is coming from.  They do not realize that there is a bigger picture.  They can only focus on what they see.  They only trust what they know.  Are they afraid to let Jesus be right?  Are they asking Jesus some questions that we could be asking too?  Could we ask why Jesus should be listened to?  Should He have the authority to step past our beliefs?  Is it possible that He is more than our society makes Him out to be?  Is He bigger than our religion?  Is He more important than our teachers?  Is His Way of thinking better than the ways we are taught?

Have we ever thought about it?  Have we ever wondered what the fuss is all about?  Before we dive too much into this One Man, should we first have a look at those coming to question?  Before we start asking Jesus where He gets His authority, should we look around at where we would get ours?  Where do the men who approach Jesus get their authority?  Do they come all together?  Do they come with their built up ideals to back them up?  Do they come with their society and their brothers in faith to give strength to their way of viewing God?  Are they demonstrating already where they get their authority?  Do they need to have the consent and the approval from each other to come before the Lord with their questions?

How did Jesus respond?  Where did He lead our questioning?  Did He make a distinction?  Was it between different worldly thoughts?  Was it between ideals, races, religions or people?  Or did He simply give us two options?  Did He place authority here or there?  Was it between Heaven and earth?  Did He make it to be a question of whether it came from God or from man?  How do we read it today?  Regardless of the Pharisees or teachers in Jesus´ day, should we be examining our times too?  Should we be looking at our own tendencies?  Could we question ourselves?  Could we stop to ponder where we get our convictions?  Could we look at where our customs come from?  Do we ever look to see where we place authority?  Is it in those who have studied more?  Is it in those who speak more convincingly?  Or are we looking to Heaven?  Are we seeking our answers from above?  Do we come to God personally for His approval of things?  Or have we already relinquished that authority to our preferred earthly teachers?

To be completely just should we let each person have their preferred choice?  Has mankind been handed this authority to choose where they will look for their answers?  Are we permitted to say in whom we will put our trust?  Is it our right to huddle together and look to each other to tell us we are right?  Or could we bow before the throne of God?  Could we look to Heaven for our every justification?  Should the Lord be held true even before any worldly thought, opinion or ideal?  Could we approach God first to hear Him and see where He is going?

Dear Jesus, some would question Your right to lead us.  But some of us recognize our earthly origins.  Before we start to feel confidence in ourselves, let us come to You for guidance.  Lead us forward in faith!  Show us God and His ways!  Never let us place our faith in ourselves or those around us!  But let us look to You, to show us the Way to Heaven!  Let us keep clear where true authority lies!


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