Jesus Walks Through Walls

738 Jesus Walks Through Walls

On the evening of that first day of the week, when the disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!”  John 20:19 (NIV)

They have the door bolted up tight.  Jesus´ followers feel more secure gathered behind the barrier of walls and closed doors.  But Jesus is alive.  He has appeared to some.  He is moving in God´s creation.  Suddenly He is here.  He is with them.  Nobody has to get up to open a door.  He just sees Himself in.  And the door is locked!  What is this?  Who can go through doors?  Who can pass through walls?  Who is this Teacher that can get in wherever we are without following the laws of physics and nature?

The Disciples are overjoyed when they realize that it is Jesus.  Those who love Him are comforted and pleased that He is here.  How He managed to get in may be a mystery.  How Jesus can pass right through our closed doors might bewilder us.  It may seem impossible but this is just one more surprising and wonderful attribute of our Saviour.  He can walk right through our walls.

We trust our laws of nature.  We learn where the parameters are and find security in what can and what cannot happen.  A baby learns at a fast rate what to trust and what not to.  By the time we are adults we have tried and proven the boundaries much further.  We feel safe with the walls where we have them.  We feel more secure when we close doors to keep danger out.  In religion we have our walls too.  We build up our structures on doctrines.  We build off of opinions of others who believe the same as we do.  We also build from what we learn through the Scriptures.  But even the walls built on Scripture are constructed differently depending upon the location, current trends and the human beings who take refuge behind those walls.

However strong and sturdy our walls may be, they present little barrier for the Lord.  He is in no way limited by them.  These walls we build may make us feel safe.  But He can walk right through them.  No matter how many doors we shut or how many locks we have, Jesus can come through to us with ease.  He can present Himself in this church today and the one down the street as well.  The door He will not pass through is a more personal one.  They are the walls we build up in our heart that Jesus will not come through without our consent.  Jesus can move freely throughout all of creation without limits, but He will not come into the soul of a person who does not want Him there.

The Disciples were surprised when Jesus came to them behind their locked doors and secure walls.  But they were happy to find Him there.  Should we today let ourselves gain experience through their lesson?  Should we resist the thought of our walls, barriers and doors limiting Jesus Christ?  Should we realize that He will come and go where He sees best?  Should we concentrate ourselves rather on those barriers He will not cross?  Should we concern ourselves on whether or not we are closing doors in our hearts?  Shall we worry that when He does want to come to us, regardless of where we have taken refuge, that He does not find a wall to keep Him out of our soul?  Jesus walks through walls.  Shall we embrace this thought and invite Him to help us tear down any He might find with in us today?  Shall we let Him in now and ask Him to stay forever?

Dear Jesus,

We may not be able to comprehend just how You can go through the barriers and walls we have come to put our trust in.  But when it comes to our soul, we don´t want You to find anything that inhibits You there.  Please be free to enter in and be with us now!  Please come and bless us with Your Presence, we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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