Overcome With Good

1046 Overcome With Good

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.  Romans 12:21  NIV

So many of us let our thoughts, feelings, and our dealings with others fall into the uncharitable.  It is our responsibility to demonstrate the Lord´s love for all His creation.  It should be a natural reflex, but never forgotten.  To forget means that we could slide back into thinking of ourselves.  We could stop seeking the love of God in our characters and in our dealings with others.  Christians are taught to seek a higher love.  This love from God is selfless.  It is willing to suffer in order to care for others before self.  We are called to overcome our unfavorable or selfish tendencies with good.  Is that what we always do?  Or do we need help?

The positive side of our dilemma is that we are not without help.  Not one single part of our faith or our day is intended for us to go through alone.  We have heard the call of God.  We are invited to enter into a partnership, a relationship.  This means that while we are weak and faulty, the One we walk with is strong.  Jesus knows the way.  He Is the Way!  We can overcome evil.  Well, not us, but the One Who walks by our side and holds our hand can!  Shall we edge close to Him?  Shall we seek His Presence now?  Shall we include Him in every moment of our day?  Shall we overcome every evil by standing ever-so-close to the One Who is Good!

Dear Lord,

Draw us nearer now!  The only Way for us to have Your love living in us and flowing from us is to walk close to You!  Let us come and never let us leave Your Presence we pray!


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