Expel the Wicked

Expel the Wicked

God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked man from among you.”  1st Corinthians 5:13  NIV

He waited but his friend did not show up.  The two men had worked together for years.  Now they were planning to set up a sort of ministry for young people.  They were preparing a place to keep youth off the streets, to guide them into good Christian education and faith.  But the other man was still tied too closely to the world.  Instead of meeting this morning to further their planning, he had stayed out late with some other friends and could not drag himself out of bed.  Sadly the man had to make the choice.  He would continue with his new ministry, but his old friend would not be a part of it.  So they parted ways that day.

It may sound harsh.  We could think that it would be unlike our God to ask us to be so cruel.  But our God is righteous.  Evil and worldliness must die.  Those who would choose God will need to hoist our crosses.  We must accept the temporary discomfort the world will give us for stepping out of its parade.  We may even have to lose some friendships for a time until hearts prove they are turned to God above all!  Praise God, the man´s experience was not a complete loss.  Years passed but finally, a day of repentance came.  Now, hearts are restored to God and there is hope again!

Dear Lord,

Please help us recognize where the world reigns in our lives and those around us.  Help us to see when we must separate paths with believers who refuse to put You first or whose hearts are not truly Yours, we pray!


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