The Worst Trick

The worst danger we face is not that someone else will deceive us and trick us into going down the wrong path. We are safe only when we are near in our heart and relationship with our Lord and we are in danger to our souls when we are far from Him. The most eternally threatening deception is the one we pull on ourselves when we downplay or push off where we stand with the Almighty. This deception that we willingly walk into, is dangerous because we are aware of the danger yet we gladly go along with it. We purposefully ignore the danger so as not to have to do anything drastic to turn our lives around. The problem is that both we and God know about our little treason. We let time and distance creep between us and God while trying to tell ourselves that it could be worse. Unfortunately, the more we put up with our treacherous hearts, the less chance we have of ever truly wanting to change. Our Savior is what we need. Painful honesty would help us seek Him in the most sincere effort to restore the intimate walk with Him that He has been urging us to have. Let us go to Him without defense. Let us pray that we resist our impulses to have our attention on other things and seek to bring the Lord into every moment and every aspect of every day!


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