About the author

Scott grew up in a Christian home and even spent several years as a child in the mission fields in Africa. As he grew into a young man, his love for adventure also grew. He chased after excitement with any God-given ability or opportunity provided until he began to see himself as the Prodigal Son the Bible spoke about. Then the Lord began to stir in his heart again. He had to learn the painful way not to trust in our world and how to shift our gaze towards God again. He needed to return to God and to start seeking Him in his life. Life was nothing without his Savior.

In 2014 the burden that the Holy Spirit placed on his heart was finally too much and, although he was not living in an English-speaking country, he needed to find a way to point his heart and others towards the Lord. So, this blog was created. Here, we have tried to provide encouragement for each of us to seek God as our lives depend upon it and improve our relationship with Him each day. Our prayer is that every visitor to this page senses an urgency to work on their own walk with the Lord and turn it into something that will part the heavens and last forever!

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