Searching for Christ began in 2014 when a school teacher could no longer contain the pressure that the Holy Spirit was building within him. So, he began preparing daily posts in the hopes of directing his, and all our hearts toward the Lord.

S.D. Wonenberg grew up in central California and for several years lived in Africa. His father and mother took a call to the mission field in Zimbabwe in 1980. They later returned to the USA so that he and his brothers could finish their studies in America. When he could not decide what to study in university, he left and began travelling between Africa and the States. He worked seasonal jobs guiding whitewater rafting, construction, and teaching gymnastics until got selected to join the Daredevils. He enjoyed performing acrobatic slam dunk shows throughout the US in college and NBA games and also longer tours in Malaysia, Germany, Italy, Venezuela and China. Eventually he was hired by the Dallas Mavericks as their mascot, Mavsman.

He feels that his life resembles many of the characters found in the Bible, but mostly to the Prodigal Son. It was in Dallas that he began to hear the call to leave the worldly pursuits and start seeking the Lord in his life. Since then he travelled more, did a few expoditions crossing lakes and seas. He met a marvelous woman who stood by him throughout all his changes. Now he is living in Spain and teaching English. He devotes whatever time he can spare to this most humble of all online ministries.

Pray with him that others are blessed and that his and our hearts continue to reach out to God. May we all draw ever nearer to our Savior and we may meet up on Heaven´s shore!

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