Before the Throne

Before the Throne

Through the mystical haze and fog of reality we step cautiously into the dream land of imagination.  As the scene becomes clearer and the last wisps part, we can start to see a large crowd of people.  As we venture forward into the midst of them we notice that they are waiting for something.  You can almost feel the overwhelming sense that something big is about to happen.  All of the faces of the awaiting people are fixed in one direction and they are anxious for the upcoming event.  There is calm and a peace over the whole assembly.  They are respectfully and politely controlling their obvious urgency of the moment.


Even though we are merely observing, we cannot help but begin to anticipate this immanent event and our own anticipation starts mounting.

It is now that we follow the turned faces and see what looks like a throne of a king.  During our lifetime we have not had a very large concept of a king nor of what it must mean for a peasant to be in the direct company of royalty.  However, we have read stories and seen sufficient scenes on television or movie screens to begin to imagine what sensation will soon follow.

Now as we realize that this unknown event will take place is only a matter of minutes, we start to have a whole new understanding of our situation.  We begin to wonder how we will feel when we meet someone of such importance face to face.

The anxiety continues to build as the moments pass.  As we try to conceal our nervousness of the occasion, we look around at the great hall where we stand.  There is a light all around yet we cannot detect exactly where it is coming from.  Nothing in sight detracts any attention from the throne and we follow the gaze of the crowd until we are staring at this single important feature.

All of a sudden we have an awareness overcome our entire being.  We realize in an instant that this is a courtroom and every individual present is waiting his or her trial.

A desperate emotion springs up inside and we want to tell ourselves that this is not happening.  It cannot be.  We must wake up from this dream for our time has not come yet.  We look for a way out and our hearts search for an escape, but it is of no use.  Unable to move, our minds now race to think of a solution.  What will happen when the judgment starts?  What are the crimes of which I will be accused?  How will I defend myself?  What proof do I have of my innocence?

As we search for answers and seem only to find more questions, our insides begin to turn into knots.  A terrible sensation of panic seizes us accompanied with the great feeling of helplessness in not being prepared.

A fleeting thought crosses our mind that had we known we would be found in this predicament, we could have done something to make ourselves ready.  However the thought passes in an instant as we can see the futility of remorse.  We are here now and this is happening!

Once again we turn our attention to the faces of the others standing around us.  This is not comforting as we can see with their peaceful yet anxious expression that they are not sharing our fears or anxieties.  These people are waiting patiently and eagerly even though they are about to confront their judge.

¨How can this be¨!  We want to shout.  Only a few moments before, I was going about my daily routines and living a normal life.  I have tried to be a good citizen and a good person.  I have followed the rules of society.  I have given to charities and even attended church.  There is no reason I can find that I should be here facing a trial for crimes I can´t imagine having committed.

One again we are brought back to the urgency of the moment as trumpets begin to blast.  Desperation and panic reach a point as to almost suffocate the heart that beats uncontrollably in our chest.  Our vision starts to blur once again but just then we look at the face of one standing near us.

The look on that face is so serene and so peaceful that it checks our panic for a second.  We stare a little harder and try to understand how one could have such composure in such a desperate moment as this.  As we study the face we begin to see not only a face that is controlled and quiet, but there is something else.  The look that is on this face is the look of a person in love.  This raptured gaze is of one who fully expects to see at any moment now, the love of its´ life appear.  It can scarcely conceal the joy behind.  Yes, actually we can almost detect a smile in those eyes.

Now we look and see that the others around us have the same composure.  Each one we can now see easily that their concern is not in the immanent judgment but on the viewing of the Judge Himself.

How can these people possibly be happy and expectant when any minute we will all be judged for everything that we have ever done?  How can they be looking forward to the opening of all their darkest secrets and to the sentence which is sure to follow?  I cannot hope to hide these things of mine before a judge who can search my very thoughts and knows my every intention since the day I was born.

We gaze unbelieving at the picturesque beauty and love written on the expressions of the faces around and slowly our understanding begins to grasp the truth.  Those standing before the thrown have waited long and earnestly for this approaching moment.  They have spent a great part of their lives yearning to see this Judge because of the love that they have for Him and little or nothing do they care about the judgment or the verdicts.  They know their own worth or better stated their lack of it.  Yet this is not what they have chosen to consider.  These people concentrate all energy and all of their powers into the loving and looking for this person who will soon sit on the thrown.

It is as if there seems to be no doubt in their minds that they deserve to die for their past transgressions, but they don´t care anymore.  For them they will get all the reward they need only to see His face and do whatever it is that He decides for them.  If they must go to hell for their sins, they will go content in the fact that they are doing the bidding of the One whom they love.

As the understanding of the dream comes sweeping over us, at least for a moment our own panic and desperation is calmed.  Our minds race to consider what this could mean for you and me.  Does this mean we too can have hope on that judgment day?

But before we have the chance to consider, the clouds return again and the mystical scene disappears into the mists.  Back in the here and now, with tear in my eyes I fall down to my knees and reach for my Bible.  There is someone there whom I feel a great need to know.

What is your reaction?

Scott W

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