Jesus´ Amazing Teaching and Healing

And Jesus went about in all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of disease and all manner of sickness among the people.  (Matthew 4:23 American Standard Bible)


So familiar are we to the story of Jesus that perhaps we rarely stop to think what was really happening as Jesus walked around preaching and healing.  Miraculous things were happening right in our midst.  Nothing like it has happened before or since and people are still talking about it today.  But maybe we don´t spend enough time letting the full weight of what was going on sink below the surface of our skin and let the healing effect of it all begin.

Never before had anyone come openly to us speaking of the things He had seen and learned from being with the Father in His ´other¨ realm, His kingdom.  Good news it was indeed as religion had become a cold and distant set of actions to complete.  The people still went to church, but maybe it had lost the urgency and burning inside that one feels when they truly approach their Maker.

Maybe we too go about our lives today fulfilling our sense of obligation to attend services or act in a certain way.  We hang loosely to a set of values and tell ourselves that we are doing it to somehow please God.

But here when Jesus came speaking, His message took His listeners beyond that coldness or formal religion and brought each person to consider his own true state of heart and its´ correct adjustment to the Almighty.

Not only were Jesus´ words burning into the hearts of the people, but His actions were clearly different from anyone we had seen.  He touched people and their diseases left them.  He prayed over suffering people and no matter what their ailment; they were restored to health again.

Maybe you have someone near to you whom you wish could be eased of their pain, suffering or disease.  Wouldn´t it be wonderful and amazing if someone would instantly wipe all that away and leave your loved one free to live and love again as before?  Well, when Jesus walked with us, that is what happened.

The most amazing part of it was not that a few people were eased of pain, but rather that another power was being revealed.  Here was a person saying that all earthly conditions were controlled by a greater reality and by His actions He effortlessly demonstrated it.

As a result, the people of His day came flocking to Jesus.  Wouldn´t it be nice for us to say the same today?  Don´t you think that healing could begin for us if we were to draw ourselves closer to Jesus.  Perhaps much of our suffering would miraculously disappear if we could edge in next to Him and gaze at the wonder that He truly is.  His words could penetrate our hearts and set a spark, a flame alight inside.  Then as we follow Him further and demonstrate our interest in Him, that spark could be fanned into a raging blaze in our hearts.

We too can rise above the cold ritual of our daily lives and religion.  We can bring ourselves into a conscious and honest adjustment to our God.  He will not hide Himself to the true seeker, but will work in direct proportion to your efforts.  In fact, as you realize your insufficiency, you will see that it is really Him who works and effectuates it all.

We have all heard of the wonders of this man called Jesus.  Why don´t we go to Him right now to see what He is all about?  We do not need to miss out, He may not be walking by a lakeshore in Palestine, but He is alive and available.  Let us set ourselves to the blessed task of seeking and the greater reward still, of finding.

See you there,

Scott W

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