Our Smug Look

But I say unto you, that every one who is angry with his brother shall be in danger of the judgment: (Matthew 5:22 American Standard Version)


Sometimes we may say that we are close to the Lord.  Then we sit back with a smug look on our face and feel good with ourselves.

Then Jesus says that it is not the murderer alone who is guilty of the death penalty, but you and I who get annoyed from time to time with those around us.

We Christians especially have more to fear than we like to believe because we have the warnings and teachings of the prophets and of Jesus Christ.  Nobody likes to think of themselves being on the wrong side of justice, and even more so when it is such an inevitable thing like getting flustered.

But we are human and therefore subjected to the limitations of our earthly nature.  There is hope though for the ones who have chosen to seek the Lord.  All have fallen short, of course, we were born into sin, it is part of our nature and we are surrounded by not only our own, but that of the rest of our race.  It is all around and in ways which we still cannot even imagine.

Jesus calls us to Him.  He paid the ransom for those ugly sins we have and if we are serious about finding out how to get rid of them we will have to approach Him.  This we cannot do from a distance.  This is not a cold and effortless decision to be made.  There is a choice, but that means a going from one thing to another.  We must leave behind what we had with ourselves and wrap ourselves in the righteousness of the only Perfect One.

Therefore when we realize that what we have and what we do is not enough, we draw closer and closer to the only One who can cover our insufficiencies.  We need to all wipe off that smug look and do some serious praying.  Never, while we are in this body of death here on earth, can we let our guard down and start to feel safe.  That secure self-sufficient feeling is a sure sign that we are not in fact looking fully at Him.

Just like Peter standing on the water, he could only remain from sinking as his complete attention was on Jesus.  It is not otherwise for us.  The moment we look to ourselves or the world around us we are surely sinking whether we see it or not.

Draw near, fill your eyes and sight and hearts with Him alone.  Let Him become such a big part of every moment of your day, that it clouds out everything else.  There is no other safeguard against our tendencies of the flesh.  There is no other way to keep us from guilt in that coming day of judgment.

I pray I too will see you there,




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