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In reply he said: ¨Every plant that my heavenly Father did not plant will be uprooted.  Blind guides is what they are.  If, then, a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit.¨  Matthew 15:13-14 (Reference Bible)

Perhaps a little more should be said about where we need to be directing our attention.

It is almost completely taken for granted that all of us under the name of Christianity supposedly have decided to put Him before all other things and worship Him alone.  However, is that what we really are doing or have we each strayed off down some tangent and direct ourselves towards our own motives and the things that please ourselves.

For example, good people decide to direct themselves to seeking and honoring God the Father.  They form a group, meet together and begin to pray and worship the God of heaven.  All is beautiful and the intentions towards the Father are pure.  But then, some pressing issue is presented on how we should deal with this or that concept or doctrine.  We gather together to talk it out, then finally decide on what we feel is the most appropriate.  Pretty soon this new doctrine or ritual turns into a sort of tradition.

No matter how lofty our intentions, the moment we take our eyes off God and direct them towards human things, we let our fallen natures in.

God asked us to direct our entire selves to Him.  This means each individual person with his or her whole self, turned towards God and directing every action, thought and feeling to Him.  When we are beholding God, earthly concerns are dimmed to their proper clarity.  God intends for us to see Him and His ways in an ever clearing vision as we are drawn closer to Him.

Mankind has a propensity for doing the exact opposite.  We focus on us or earthly things so intently that the things of God become faded and blurred.  Unfortunately this happens within the fold of God and it was where the Pharisees and teachers of the Law had gone wrong.

Jesus labored hard to get us to recognize that our obligation was not towards man but to God above.  We all need to be unconditionally enveloped in Him and His ways.  Our need is to draw close to God in living personal relationship.

One could say: ¨Shouldn´t we come together and unite our efforts to uphold our faith?¨  This may sound nice but we should be careful of where we place our attention to accomplish it.  A.W. Toser used an analogy in one of his books of a number of pianos all being tuned with the same key.  In putting them in accord with the One standard, they were all perfectly tuned together.

This is a beautiful illustration of how Christians too could find their correct and perfect tune.  By each and every one of us directing ourselves entirely to our Lord and Savior until His nature is so alive within us, we would have already be taking care of whatever earthly matter that needs our attention.

God is alive.  God is at work in all of His wonderful creation.  What is more, we have our Savior who loves us and paid for us with His own blood running intercession for us.  Together with the Holy Spirit this most powerful of all forces may dwell inside of our hearts.  The presence of the Divine in our lives can and does purify, heal and direct the true believer ever more intently towards God.

Dear Lord, please let us leave behind the nature we have always had with its tendencies towards anything other than You.  We have the hope of something greater and we would like to have eyes, ears and hearts only for You.  Direct each one of us so intently towards you and draw us so close that Your nature covers that of our own.  Then we may be saved from the dangers of our own propensities and we will not be blind men leading each other and falling into pits.   Let us find life in You alone.

In Your name and for Your glory we pray,


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