Passing Through the Eye of the Needle

¨And I tell you again: it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into the Reign of God.¨  Matthew 19:24 (Byington)

You and I are camels.

We have things.  Some things have cost us a great deal to attain.  Some things perhaps we inherited, such as family.  But the bottom line is that we are rich.  In our modern age, we could say that nearly everyone who is not living in the gutter has got luxuries of some sort or another.  Most of us have these to profusion.

Now we could get lost on a discussion of the fact that there are others who have a lot more than us and try to shift the blame to another.  However, when coming to spiritual things it is better to load ourselves with the accusation.  That way we seek the correct attitude of repentance and place ourselves in the hands of Jesus.

Jesus often uses analogies that seem so extreme.  In this case we try to picture a camel trying to get through the eye of a needle.  This is impossible! 

Our Savior sees clearly into spiritual things and inhabits that eternal kingdom, so we can be sure He knows what He is saying is true.  Therefore we had better perk up our ears and listen.  As unpleasant as it may be, we can receive a lot of enlightenment and healing if we place ourselves in this camel´s shoes.

Something as eternally important as the welfare of our souls is never a light or frivolous issue.  Here we just cannot afford to go wrong or hold beliefs that are comfortable to us.  We need to work out personally with our Savior exactly where we stand in all honesty.

We could bunker down on our favorite texts of the Bible and hope to God that we are right, or we could bow to our knees, humble our hearts and seek the soft voice of the One who bled for us.  The genuine seeker will take the time and the pains to break through into the Presence out of a deep pulling from within.  Like a small child we snuggle in closer to the comforting arms of our Lord for reassurance.

Dear Lord, we are afraid to find that our hearts have gone out to something besides You.  Like a rich person who has fallen in love with the possession of things, we too may have made room in our own hearts.  Please restore again the heart You give us, so that there is room there only for You.  Remove ANYTHING else that may rise up to take our eyes or attention off of You.  We pray this without the consent of our entire earthly heart, but fall back on Your mercy for what we lack in will.  There are still those of us who would make You the most important thing and desire to have You as our ALL.  For You all things are possible and in You we put our hope.


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