The Time of Tribulation

¨Wherever the carcass is, there the eagles will be gathered together.¨  Matthew 24:28 (Reference Bible)

Why are we given words of prophecy?  Throughout the Bible prophecies were given of things that were to come.  When we read the Holy Scriptures we can see some of these prophecies unfold and others might not have occurred yet.  However, we hold that the Bible is for our instruction and enlightenment, so what benefit can we extract from these prophetic words?

With all the highly educated and fine-tuned minds working hard to decipher the Holy writ, we have today many clear and vivid interpretations of what the future holds for us.  Some of these educated guesses coincide and others contradict.  The words Jesus speaks in Matthew 24 seem to depict very real scenes that do not look hard to decipher.  Yet one person takes them to mean one thing while the other takes it to mean something else.

But Jesus was teaching us and is leading us into an understanding of Him and His ways.  He does intend for us to get something of value when we hear His instruction.  His intention was definitely not in giving us something to squabble over.  Many times His meaning is wrapped up in clouds of spiritual meaning and therefore sounds strange to our ears.  But if Jesus´ intention is to give us something of benefit, then even to the most clumsy or illiterate inquirer some good instruction may come.

Jesus speaks of difficult times, this we all agree.  We might all agree too that we will all be affected by this time of trouble.  In these verses Jesus talks of people turning to earthly, or worldly things or people remaining true and focused upon Him.  He talks of people directing our attention here or there and warns to look only to Him.

¨Where the carcass is,¨ He says, ¨there the eagles will gather.¨

If you are a vulture and you are hungry, where will you look for food?  If you see all the other vultures circling over a kill, are you going to keep searching over all the endless stretches of wilderness? No, you go where you know you will find something.

The same things happen in religious circles.  People too go where they know they can be fed.  If you are looking for real meat, you will go to Jesus.  If you are hungry for more worldly tidbits, then you flock to where others like you are gathering.

Dear Jesus, there are carcasses of all kinds lying around.  We birds are each choosing our feasts.  Some of us flock together over more worldly meats and some of us are searching for the only body that will do.  Please dear Lord; let us settle for nothing else but You.  Let us crave nothing else.  We pass through the darkest of times, when even the smartest and most elite will be put to the test.  Yet You have said that there are those chosen few, who refuse the food offered to the rest and save themselves to feed from You alone.  Let that be us, aid our searching, then feed us with nothing other than You.



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