Searching For Proof

Now the chief priests, and elders, and all the council, sought false witness against Jesus, to put him to death; Matthew 26:59 (KJV)

It continues, this trial of Jesus.  Didn´t He suffer enough that night while He went before the Jews and before the Romans? But here we are today, still putting Him on the stand.  One person is always trying to prove Him, the other trying to disprove Him.

Whatever the case, why can´t we understand that there were bigger things happening with that Man?  Why can´t we see that all this fuss is over something and perhaps it is a little more complex than our frivolous quarreling?  If God says something, (like a judge for whom we hold a token of respect), then we should listen.  God says He is at work and it would be good for us take note.

What are we doing with the story of Jesus?  What do we do with the Holy Scriptures?

God asks that we stop for a moment and consider Him.  The Father has asked us to look to His Son.  He has made it known to us of His love and His workings to bring us together.  Yet what we normally do is get all worked up about the trial.  We jump right into furious work of defending or questioning.  We fight out our preferred point of view using all the resources and abilities we have at our disposal.

But the worshippers, where are they?  Where are the ones who do stop in their tracks at the hearing of all that is going on?  Who is it that is truly concerned about the person of Christ?  Who is really trying to get to know Him?  Who are they who leave all that quarreling aside and truly listen to our Father as He says,; ¨Look at My Son, He is up to something grand!¨

It may be beneficial to remember who this is all for.  If we get too worked up over ourselves and boast our own value, we may forget that this whole great plan that is being carried out, is to bring glory to God.  He made us for His pleasure and we could work along with His efforts or stand out of adjustment by looking too much to our own.

Dear Father, we have heard a beautiful story of Your love for us.  Your very own Son, came to clear things up to that regard.  He paid an enormous price to open our eyes and our hearts and to pave a way for us to return to You.  Please aid us still as we struggle to look past all the distractions of this passing world.  Help us to see You, to strive to work along with the efforts of the Holy Spirit and stay focused on You above all else.  We would come, despite ourselves and this noisy place.  They can have their argument, they can crucify our Savior if it serves our Father´s plan, but we would leave them to it and push harder to have more of Him.



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