Who He Is

But Jesus was set before the governor, and the governor put the question to him ¨Are you the ´king of the Jews´?¨ and Jesus said ¨As you say.¨  Matthew 27:11 (Byington)

Jesus´ time with us here with us as a human was coming to a close.  He had given His instructions, His ministry and His example.  He had one last hurdle to accomplish and that was to suffer and die for our sins.  But before His work was through, He needed to testify again to His presence here with us.

Our Savior now had nothing to hide.  His fate had already begun to take its course and His death which had been prescribed, prophesied and proclaimed for ages was coming to its conclusion.

But Jesus´ testimony about who He was fell on ears which could not fathom the depths.  The Jews didn´t quite realize the importance of the moment. Now the governor was living the same thing.  He was questioning Jesus and curious to the response he would get.  Pilot´s own wife was tormented in a dream and she sent word for him not to get involved in killing the innocent Messiah.

Pilot knew that the Jews were trying to kill Him not because He had done anything bad, but because they were jealous that people went to Him instead of to them.  The church and its leaders lived off of the fact that the people came to them to fill that void they felt inside.  But since Jesus was moving around teaching and working miracles, now the people had a better place to fill that yearning of soul.

The religious leaders were no longer ¨the cat´s meow¨ and they were sore about it.  They were still experts in reciting what scriptures said, but the people were finding strength and healing somewhere else.  All the focus was in what to do with this Man and how to get rid of Him.

Nobody, it seems, was concerned at that moment with who He was.  Pilot asked, but even when he got his response, it did not really stir a sufficient reaction, and we should take care to check our own.  We can get caught up in the moment, we can get lost in what should be done, but what really should be our concern is Him and who He is.

Jesus is more than a man; He is more than a person.  Our Savior is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He is to be our most vital relationship, our best friend and our personal and intimate guide.  He has gone before us in all that lies in our path.  He still provides all that we need to successfully reach our chosen goal.  But to do just that, we need to keep perfectly focused upon Him.

Dear Jesus, there have been many who have done as we do.  We look to this or to that.  We focus our attention on the situation we find ourselves in.  We get sidetracked, distracted or misdirected.  We look at almost anything else before we look at You and Who You are.  If we could only look to You first, not regarding these other things, then all would fall into its perfect place.  Our situation becomes for us just what You want it to be.  All we got to do is look past all that and let our attention, our hearts and our desires set themselves upon You. Please provide what lacks on our part, the vision, the need and the power to accomplish.  Then as we come to You, bring glory and honor and praise to Your name.


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