The Suffering of the King

And when they had platted a Crown of thorns, they put it upon his head, and a reed in his right hand; and they bowed the knee before him, and mocked him, saying Hail, King of the Jews!  Matthew 27:29 (KJV)



If it has been some time since you have taken a few minutes to consider Jesus being tortured and ridiculed, it may be of some benefit to take that time now.  Read over the story again; try to picture our Savior and what He suffered for us.

Here is the very Son of the Almighty God.  All power lay at His disposal yet He willingly allowed Himself to be shamed and injured again and again.  It may have been enough that He was willing to executed for our sins, but this insulting and painful beatings are more than we can fathom.  Had Jesus wanted to, He could have called upon the Father.  He could have said that´s enough.  He could have had thousands of angels come running to His assistance.  Yet He chose to suffer each strike and take each hurting word. 

Nobody alive can be completely aware of when he or she does injury to our Lord.  When He has asked one thing of us and we do another, He sees the dissention in our hearts.  When we should show compassion on one of His children but we pass by because we are in a hurry, He feels the suffering of that poor person and watches us choose to look out for ourselves first.  When we call Him the King, but our hearts are really bowed to our own things, He knows with painful clarity.

It is so easy to hate those soldiers for hitting and ridiculing our beloved Savior.  But even while they were striking Him and hurling their bitter words, Jesus held onto His love for them and for us.  His heart was set upon obeying His Father and suffering whatever had to come His way, so that the very people, who brought injury to Him, would somehow have a way back to the Father.

So take that road if you so choose, to blame another for injuring our Lord.  But far more beneficial to you and I, would be to drop down to our knees and try to align our hearts with His.  His sacrifice stands.  His love has more than proven itself.  What remains is for you and me to be affected in such a way that that same love can come to us.  A part of what Jesus is should begin to live inside of you and me.  Our proud and self-regarding hearts need to be changed by the powerful expression of how we should be.

There is no other place to get such a heart as that of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We must come to Him if we want to be like Him.

Dear Jesus, thank you for all that You suffered for us.  We cannot fathom it nor hope to understand all that You went through.  But we would like to let You soften our hearts.  That kind of love that You felt, that permitted You to take all the pain that we and our forefathers have heaped upon You, we would like to feel too.  Change us please, from the selfish souls that we are and teach us to suffer for You and Your people everywhere.  Then when Your love starts to burn inside of us, help us not to hurt You anymore.



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