If God Wants Him

He trusted in God; let him deliver him now, if he will have him: for he said, I am the Son of God.  Matthew 27:43 (KJV)


The chief priests, scribes and elders were watching Jesus hang on the cross and they were insulting Him.  They made reference to the fact that Jesus claimed to be the very Son of God and that if that were true, then God would save Him.  God in heaven would not suffer to let His own child die at their hands, but would rescue Him if He really had anything to do with the Father.

It is surprising to think that the very people who had studied more and knew the prophecies better than the average person, could miss the fact that the Son would have to be sacrificed for the sins of us all.  They mistakenly assumed that a God of love would not let bad things happen.  They did not understand that sometimes it is necessary for evil or pain to prevail for a time so that the mercy and grace of God can be demonstrated.

God holds all things in His hands it is true, but we cannot accuse Him of always manipulating everything and everyone.  He knows what will happen, but for Him to be righteous and just, then He must permit each of His children to choose their own path of helping of hurting.  In Jesus´ case, the Father had to allow His very Own Son, to be beaten, ridiculed and harshly killed before His very eyes.  In this way we can see His love for us, that He was able to suffer that shame and loss in the hope of saving you and me.

The facts are recorded for us, the limiting factors are our lack of ability to digest and assimilate the depth of that Love.  But the Son and the Father did suffer and they did it for us who, knowing or not knowingly belittle this great sacrifice.  One cannot imagine the pain a father must feel to watch that kind of thing happen to his very own son.  Equally impossible is to capture that love which allowed them to suffer at the very hands of those of us whom He would save.

We can shove the blame on others, but unless we accept the guilt of our wayward nature, we cannot be saved.  His sacrifice is made in vain if we do not turn from our hardened hearts and accept the fact that we separate ourselves from God by looking to our own power and intelligence.  For our sins Jesus died, but we are not talking just of legalistic actions but the removal of God from His rightful throne in our hearts.

It is time we stop scoffing at the lengths God has gone through to bring us back into His presence again.

Dear Father in heaven, thank You for suffering the great loss of Your own Son for us.  Thank You Jesus, for Your willingness to do what Your Father said was necessary.  The sacrifice we pray is not lost on us.  Please soften our hearts to each and any movement of Yours to bring our hearts into the correct and honorable reaction to You gift.  May we be humbled, indebted and 100% focused upon You, so that Your suffering is paid off in the winning of our souls.  We pray that Your love infects us in such a way that we reflect that same love to all those around us.  In that way we won´t belittle your act of mercy, but assure that we have heard and we have learned to be found in You and You in us.



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