Scared at the Sight

But when they saw him walking on the lake, they thought he was a ghost.  They cried out,  Mark 6:49 (TNIV)

There the Disciples were, out there on the lake in the boat.  They had been struggling all night against the wind when finally they saw Jesus.  But Jesus was doing something they had not expected.  Jesus was out there In the middle of the lake just taking a stroll.  There was nothing in the experience of those men which could prepare them for such a sight.  There is nothing within our own experiences which would prepare us either.  How could we possibly relate if we were to witness our Lord acting outside of the parameters of our reality?

We tend to relate all things to what we can envision.  We like to think that things are the way we see them.  But when God moves, most surely we are to be undone as we realize the small understanding we have on God-sized work.  We see water and know that it does not hold the weight of a man.  It has been proven time and time and has cost the lives of many men who found themselves in deep water.  But there cannot exist one created element which is greater than our Creator.

It may be the most frightening experience of our lives when all of a sudden a curtain is peeled back and we see a glimpse of what things are like in God´s realm.  All the pillars of our understanding seem firm and proven.  Even our faith in God seems well founded.  But when He truly does express Himself, when He shows us what He is really like, then we´d better watch out!

It has been a serious injury to the flock of Christ, that this power and greatness of God has been removed from our religion.  This “Fear of the God,” still can exist.  Unfortunately we over-educated and over-fed modern Christians think we know better.  We have made a statement of accordance that we accept there is a God, but we refuse to give Him the authority to completely astonish us with His size and might.  We prefer to think of Him as a benevolent Father who can supply us things when we really want them.  Or perhaps we like to think big of ourselves because we could reason Him into existence through superior study or intelligence.

But they all saw him and were terrified. (Verse 50)

If we read the accounts of those who were exposed to true encounters with God, there we may find this one quality in common.  When confronted with the reality of even the smallest glimpse of His immanent presence, the human cannot stand.  There is nothing that we possess that prepares us for what we will see there.  Fear is one great word to describe what comes over us the moment He chooses to open our awareness.  The sincere of heart will recognize it.  For them, fear is the beginning of knowledge. (Proverbs 1:7) They will seek nothing less.

Therefore let us not be shocked when we read of the Disciples reaction.  An honest observer will see that for them it would be the same.  We will not hold back because of our lack of power to deal with what He will show us.  We will need to lean on Him to sustain us when He truly does walk into our conscious awareness.  As He frightened the Disciples out on the lake and completely shocked them, we too may find cause to cry out in fear.

Dear Lord, maybe not all of us are prepared to allow You the ability to surprise and outdo us.  But there does remain a few who will bow before this alter.  You are God.  Your ways and Your attributes are greater than our experience can reason.  You exist in bigger ways than our understanding.  Because we cannot see it, does not reduce You nor take that power from You.  When You move into our conscious awareness we are sure to be terrified.  But even knowing we will fall to our knees, we make the bold statement; “Come to us dear Lord, please come!”


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