Got a Hardened Heart?

For they had not understood about the loaves; their hearts were hardened.  Mark 6:52 (TNIV)

It may be safe to say after viewing how the Disciples went on to carry out the ministry and spread the Word of Jesus to the world, that they learned their lessons well.  But sometimes as we read of their experiences, we may be tempted to think that they were slow to learn.  What might come in handy to us are their example and the clear view we have into spiritual ways.  Truths are not something that can be handed effortlessly from one to another.  A truth must be lived and experienced before the leaner has any real beneficial understanding.

A man may say to another that it is cold at the South Pole.  The hearer surely will agree and can imagine the truth behind what he is hearing.  But should that man make the journey himself and make it to that spot, his understanding to this truth will be far more complete.  The same it goes for spiritual truths.  How we love to sit back in a comfortable pew and nod our agreement to truths another is referring to.  But how many times do we get up and take the effort to make it to the spot the preacher is taking us too?

If we were able to live through the same things that the Disciples did, then perhaps our future would hold some of the mighty power and work and ministry that theirs did.  Or maybe even, if we are able to stand where they did spiritually and live out their lessons in the same way, then perhaps we may find a much truer and more impacting version of Truth.  Jesus called Himself the Truth.  Shouldn´t we make an effort to get to that place and experience Him?  Wouldn´t our faith take on a different level of understanding if we were to stand there in His very presence and experience Him personally?

But why do we prefer to sit back comfortably and just nod our heads in agreement?  Why are we reluctant to make a journey of soul through bleak and treacherous terrain?  Why do we not pay whatever price, sacrifice whatever comfort and go through whatever pains to attempt to learn the Truth? Once again the Disciples become an excellent example for us.  It says their hearts were hardened.  It says that they had not understood the miracles or the feeding of the people.

Could it be possible that something similar is happening with us?  Shouldn´t we agree that our lack of concern or importance we place on spiritual matters is a sign of the condition of our own hearts?  Don´t we think it is time we start to pray for little softening of our hearts today?  Perhaps if we can realize our disease and recognize our lazy disassociation to the concerns and teachings of the Spirit, there may still be time.  Let us pray for a softening of these hard hearts.  Better said, let us pray for new hearts that would not be so calloused and that would embrace the learning of Spiritual Truths.

Dear Lord, we have heard that it is possible for even Your closest followers to not see completely that what You would show us.  Rather than just nodding, we want to set out to the place where You are.  We want to come to You and experience You personally today.  Second-hand information just won´t do.  We need You and we need to know that we will not be surprised one day to find that we were working with a hard heart. It frightens us to think of what it may cost us in sacrifice and leaving our comforts, but let us not be dissuaded. So let us exchange these hearts of stone and receive from You one that will embrace this journey into Your country and to Your side.


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