What Defiles a Man

Again Jesus called the crowd to him and said, “Listen to me, everyone, and understand this.  Nothing outside a person can defile them by going into them. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles them.” Mark 7:14-15 (NIV)

It was the great problem Jesus had with the people around him.  People constantly were making the mistake of placing the earthly or human view before the eternal and heavenly matters.

Humans just don´t see well into the spiritual kingdom which lies infinitely higher above and more real than our own universe.  We know it exist only from the testimony of God Himself and those He sends to direct us towards it.  What separates the two worlds is not made of distance or matter and it is invisible to us most of the time.  This shining kingdom simply cannot be found by following a road map.  You cannot just turn after the second galaxy on the left and go straight on until you reach it.  It is here, close at hand.

Jesus had His work cut out for Him in trying to teach us of what we do not see.  His message was that His kingdom was close at hand, that it was real and was approachable.  What is needed is for people to have a sincere heart and to genuinely seek it.

In our text Jesus tries one more time.  He couldn´t get through to the Pharisees, so He drew the people close.  He gives us some key information here.  It has been recited and taught many times.  But are we letting His words fall on receiving ears?  Do we truly hear Him as He shows us once more this most valuable gem of understanding?

Jesus repeats so as to give emphasis and encourage our seeking hearts to lean forward with the intention of capturing what He will share with us.  Then He goes on to say that there is nothing that we receive which makes us unclean.  Try as we might, we cannot turn what we eat, drink or see into what offends our God.

Deep in our interior there exists a place that was designed for none other than God.  It sits in the most central part of our lives, souls and being.  This special place belongs to Him alone.  We were designed to be whole creatures when that spot was filled with Him.  And on the contrary, when He is displaced from His seat on this throne, that is when we are in the wrong.  When we are even for one instant with our center and highest spot filled with something other than God, we are in sin and we are out of adjustment to Him.

The human is slow to learn, stubborn and thick skulled.  We were given the freedom to choose, but we take many liberties and use our freedom to place importance where we choose.  Unfortunately this upsets God´s original purpose. We usurp Him from His throne when we turn to fill His intended place with something else.

This is what happens behind the scenes deep within.  It causes us to defile ourselves.  When God does not sit properly on His throne in our hearts, small seeds germinate within.  These seeds give fruit to self-gratifying ways and world-pleasing reactions flow from us.  This is defilement and this is an affront to God.

Therefore it could never be that a thought, sight of substance entering a human being which makes him or her unclean to our God.  It is what that input is balance and weighed to. It comes down to the master we have on sitting on the throne inside which defines whether what comes out is pure or filthy.

Dear Lord, we are slow to learn.  If only we could see and learn what You tried so often to show us.  If we only knew that with You correctly placed within our soul, seated on Your throne of honor, we could do no wrong.  Yet we try so hard to convert all to the outward, the material and the physical.  Open our eyes, we pray so that we are no longer defiled and You reign supreme.


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