Jesus Teaches About Himself

Because he was teaching his disciples.  He said to them, “The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into the hands of men.  They will kill him, and after three days he will rise.”  Mark 9:31 (NIV)

Jesus´ disciples would gather around Him.  They would sit near His feet.  They would walk near Him as they traveled.  They would make an effort to be where He was.  They truly wanted to hear their Master´s voice.  They wanted to hear his words.  They did not want to miss one bit of instruction.  They knew it was important for their lives and for all eternity to come.  So they got close to Him.

The time of the Disciples has given way to ours.  We are left now as the ones who can come to learn.  Can we hear our Savior´s voice?  What are we doing to make sure that we do?  How attentively are we listening?  Do we come to Him to receive some special enlightenment today?  Do we know that what He wants to share with us right now will strengthen our relationship?  Are we aware that the Word He has for us will bring us closer together in love and in Spirit?

Jesus wanted to be with His Disciples to instruct them. He knew they needed that time alone with Him.  For a time He avoided the crowds so that He could provide that special season of teaching.  He knew we needed to know a few things and found a way to share them with us.  When He got His moment, Jesus teaches that He would be betrayed.  Remembering that it is us now who draw near to Him for our lesson, we perk up our ears.  Is it possible still today that Jesus could be betrayed?  Are there those whose intentions do not include the Son of God?  Would they hand our Savior over instead of seeking to have Him with them now and always?  Are there even Christians, who have not made being with Jesus that vital to them?  Do we seek sometimes a hidden personal goal of our own instead of pressing close to Him to see what He is working on in our lives?

Our Lord goes on to warn us of was that He would be killed.  Could it be possible for Jesus to be put to death again for people living now?  Surely He could not return to the cross and suffer the same sacrifice each day.  But could a person who had once had the Spirit of the Lord living within them let that flame die out?  Could we yearn for passion of being with Him in a relationship, but lose that desire over time somehow?  Could we find Jesus one day, spend precious moment with Him, but then put that relationship in a grave because we are in love with something else?  Is that burning sensation for our personal Savior alive and fanning into a raging torrent within?  Or have we let that spark wane or even go out?  Have we killed the Spirit of Jesus that He wanted to live within each of us?

The last thought the Lord gave us in this short but powerful verse was that He would be raised.  He says there would be a short time.  But at the end of that time Jesus will rise.  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  Jesus will be lifted up!  Do we want to see that happen?  Are we yearning for the day?  Are we living our lives under the influence of that special moment?  Do we think, work, love and relate all things so that we will be with Him when He is raised up in Glory?

Dear Jesus, those whose souls burn within them for You draw near to hear Your voice.  We will take any opportunity to learn from You.  Please guide us into light.  Teach us.  Take us by the hand and lead us to Your side.  Let our instruction improve our relationship with You.  Let us be closer.  Let us need You more.  Fan that spark into a flame that burns to seek and find more of You today.



One thought on “Jesus Teaches About Himself

  1. Eh, eh Scotty! Sooooo good. Talk about bullets. You are locked and loaded. Short complete sentences. Sharp, clear ideas. Good, relevant questions, powerfully delivered. Not negative. Provocative. Wow! Well done. I’ve only read this one of Mark, but you have come so far from Matthew. Great job. Proud of you! Love it. I’ll read more later.


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