Children Welcome

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”  Matthew 9:37 (NIV)

Do we remember when we first came to Jesus?  Do we remember what it felt like to know there was much we still needed to learn?  Can we remember the sensation of need in our heart?  Was our soul seeking to get ahead or get something for itself?  Were we thinking in earthly advancement?  Or did we just know that we needed Jesus?  Did we just want to come close to Him?  Could we feel His love for us and for all those around?

Jesus takes a small child and places it in the midst of His followers.  He embraces that child.  He takes Him in His arms.  Jesus´ heart goes out to that precious trusting little soul.  He clearly appreciates the humble and simple.  He opens Himself to those who come seeking and needing to be near Him.  He loves the ones who come not looking for gain or prestige.  He wants hearts that are like His.

Perhaps now is a good time to dust off our Bibles.  Maybe we can learn again what it was like before we had familiarized ourselves with comfortable texts and interpretations.  Could we return to a time when our faith was young?  Could we get back to a childlike faith in Jesus?  Could we come again to Him, not seeking to get our foot ahead of the rest?  Could we need Him again in a simple and humble way?  Jesus made it clear, if we wanted Him, this was the attitude to seek.  What can we do to secure that kind of heart in us today?

That heart of Jesus loves others.  He especially loves the tender and needy.  We can have that heart beating within us.  It would reach out to all those precious souls that He feels for.  It would love the simple.  It would love the trusting children of God.  We would feel Christ´s deep concern and care for those around us.  We would be touched with His love for them.  We would embrace them as He does.  If we can feel like that towards them, then Jesus´ proclamation comes true.  Will we then understand what He means when He says; “Whoever welcomes one of these little children?”  Will we recognize that it is His love which is living in us?  Will we see that we are welcoming Him into our hearts?  Will we activate His promise?  By loving them, by loving Jesus, will we actually be loving God the Father?

So let us throw off other concerns today.  Let´s make a definite effort to empty ourselves.  Let us work along with the Spirit so that He can bring the heart of Jesus to us.  Let us seek to be filled with that great kindness and love that reaches to all God´s children.  Let us feel for those who are next to us.  Let us show concern for anyone and everyone who is in need.  Let wrap others in the warm embrace that Jesus has for the childlike and the humble.  Could we say that this is what our Savior is asking of us today?

Dear Jesus, we come to You.  We come like the first time we realized our need for a Savior.  We come like babes in faith.  We hear Your words and would seek to have Your nature in us.  Show us again how to leave our tendency to look only to ourselves.  Teach us, guide us, and fill us with a humble and loving attitude.  Help us love everyone as You love them.  Let us put them even before ourselves.  Put Your heart inside of us and help us.  Let us love them, let us love You and then by doing this, may we be loving our Father too.



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