It Is Easier for the Camel

`It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”  Mark 10:25 (NIV)

There are people who are rich.  Are we one of them?  If we do not consider ourselves rich, then this text must not be spoken for us, right?  Was Jesus directing His teaching to only those who had an excess of possessions or money?  Do we all have some treasure of some size or another?  Would even the poorest amongst us have some prize that is dear to his or her heart?  How can Jesus be incriminating us along with the rich man who came to see Him?

The Disciples were completely amazed at Jesus´ words.  The more He elaborated on the subject, the more their amazement grew.  Did their reaction show that they sensed that the instruction was meant for even them?  Would we be brave enough to let the teaching pertain to us today?

Our Savior said it is easier for a camel to do something impossible.  This is absurd.  A camel is bigger than the needle many times over.  It would take a miracle for a camel to actually fit through that tiny hole.  Is that where our Lord was trying to take us?  Did He want to make an illustration to show how futile it was?  Did He want us to know that only God could perform this impossible task?

First to bring the instruction home and make it vital for us we had to place ourselves within the picture.  We admit our wealth no matter how small that treasure really is.  We stand up to the test so that we may reap some beneficial healing from our Savior today.  So now we come to the camel.  Shall we see how we measure up?  There stands the camel in front of its needle.  It is preparing to squeeze through.  We stand nearby with our riches and the gate of heaven.  We will attempt to pass through into the Promised Land.  Impossible!  It will take a miracle for both the camel and us.  The camel has its humps, but we´ve got this treasure.

The Disciples saw the futility of the scenario and they turned to Jesus.  They asked what hope could any of us have.  What was Jesus´ response?  He said that what was impossible for man was possible for God.  He reminded us that there was NOTHING impossible for God.  Does this mean that we will be granted a miracle?  Yes!  Does this mean that our Lord will see our desire to be with Him and reward us for coming?  Yes!  Does this mean that we will be able to keep that wealth we hold so dear to our hearts?????

It will take a miracle for both the camel and for us.  It will be easier for the camel.  Jesus said it so we can take Him for His word.  Will it be more difficult for us because our hearts are divided?  Do we each still cling secretly to our precious worldly things?  Are we clinging to pride?  Is it selfishness?  Do we have a secret love for our very lives here on earth?  Or are we simply driven after possessions and wealth?  Will it take a greater miracle to separate us from our double-minded longings?  Should we run to the only source available to us to work this miracle today?

Dear Jesus, we are poor.  But we still have saved some treasures for ourselves.  We may not even be aware that our hearts have hid them deep inside.  We do not want to lose our place in Your kingdom.  We know it will take a miracle to get us in.  Please be our miracle today!  Save us!  Do some miraculous work so that we may lay down that secret dissention in our heart and come entirely to You.  Help us lay down those desires and burn for You alone.  Bless us so that we may stand one day in Your presence in Your kingdom alongside that camel whose miracle was just a little easier.


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