The Believing Prayer

“I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.  Mark 11:23 (NIV)

We have been walking this long with Jesus.  We have heard Him instruct us on so many different levels.  Did His words have to stop with the first understanding?  Were they limited to the most obvious interpretation?  Did they seem to cut right through the physical and the seen?  Did they take us past all of that and up into a beautiful and mysterious land of heavenly truth?  Do the words and instruction of Jesus lead us through the mists of spiritual heights? Do they take us upwards towards the Presence of the One who lives in the clouds of Glory?

Now we hear Jesus say that we too can move mountains.  Should we break our new habit of letting Jesus put the definition on our interpretations?  Should we limit His words to the faith of some remarkable person who would command a hill to jump in the sea?  Would we say that He is speaking figuratively and therefore remove any pertinence to us and what we face today?  Could we pass off His vital instruction which was meant for us by ignoring its urgency?

Could we be so bold as to say that Jesus was speaking to our hearts today?  Could He be diving down to the depths of motives and causes?  Would He go so deep as to reach the intentions behind the things we do?  Would our Lord want us to understand that we should be so close to our God that His power begins to work within us?  Could He be showing us how we should be?

It may be obvious that this kind of prayer and these kinds of miracles are beyond our abilities.  But should that stop us?  Would we shy away from this alter and leave it to some saintly superhero? Would we limit the word of God and any vital instruction for us?

Pray that none of us fall to this broken way of thinking.  We are all unworthy, but Jesus came to save the unworthy.  Hallelujah!  Praise His name!  So we make the teaching pertinent to us.  We make His words vital to us right now.  We open our ears even though we cannot see how God can possibly make unworthy vessels into pure and powerful tools for His service.

Then we come to Jesus!  We must of necessity draw near to One Who IS able.  We come to listen.  We come to learn.  We come to have our souls purified.  We seek to be so clean by our closeness to Him, that His Presence is where we belong.  We search for His nature and His Spirit so hard within us, that He can show us what to pray for and when.  In this way the mountain is not the focus.  Our Lord is our focus.  The physical world is affected because of the closeness and Presence of the Divine.  Did the Spiritual create the physical world we see?  Does God still control what He has made?  Would we need then to connect with the Spiritual, to effect any changes the within the physical world where we live?

What is Jesus teaching?  Is He showing us where our hearts should be?  Is He showing us where our eyes, ears and souls should be focused? Are we talking about a relationship or a walk?  Or is He telling us to command mountains to jump into the sea?

Dear Jesus, we would love to see marvelous things happen around us today.  We want to witness Your miraculous and mighty arm at work.  So teach us!  Purify us!  Draw us so close that our ears and our eyes are finally opened.  Allow us close enough to Your heart that faith mounts up within us.  Let it burn inside us and move us ever more intently towards You, Your Kingdom, Your power and Your might!


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