Are We Not In Error?

Jesus replied, “Are you not in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God?  Mark 12:24 (NIV)

Are we in Error?  Do we know the Scriptures?  Do we REALLY know the Scriptures?  Jesus is approached by learned scholars.  The Sadducees studied the Scriptures like all the others.  They came to Jesus to test Him.  They could see that He had a slightly different take on religion than the current trend of the church in their day.  Now they wanted to hear what He would say about the resurrection.  Jesus shows them their short-fall.  He knows they study the Bible.  But He exposes the fact that they go there with the wrong intentions.  Did they search the scriptures to find God?  Or were they seeking to gain affirmation for their own interpretations?

Don´t we all go to the Bible to search for answers?  What do those answers do for us?  Do they serve to open and deepen our relationship with the Lord?  Or do we use them to convince us of our favored interpretations?  Do we use our study to pat ourselves on the back?  Are we proud that we have deciphered some texts from the Holy writ?  Or do we find ourselves more exposed to an overwhelming Presence, a Living Entity, to God Almighty?

Jesus mentions not only that they do not get the gist of the Scriptures, but that they do not understand the power of God.  Do the two go hand in hand?  Is understanding the Scriptures linked with seeing the unlimited power of the Almighty God?  Would by looking at one, help us to see the other?  Does approaching one truth bring light on the other?  Were the scriptures written merely to stimulate the brain?  Was it God´s intention that coming to the Holy Word was for the finer minds?  Is the Bible for those skilled in unravelling tricky passages?  Or is the Word of God for all of us?  Does all scripture serve to expose us to a Mighty King?  Does the entire Bible bring normal people to stop and look up in wonder and awe towards our Creator?

Our Savior never loses a moment to teach.  Are His words to be lost to us because He said them to another?  Jesus mentions that some do not realized this mighty Presence from their approach of the Scriptures.  He says they go there and come away without the realization that they are actually standing before God.  They are failing to see Him, but He sees them.  They do not see this fact!  Do we?

Could we pray for ourselves today?  Could we ask that Jesus direct our vision too?  Could we search for a little light to be shown into our lives?  Would we like to see that amazing Presence which is found within His Holy Word?  Would we like even the most casual look into those pages to open our eyes to His wonder and beauty?  Would we love to find a Loving and Living Entity there?  Could we embrace the relationship which would begin to form if we could let those Scriptures draw us close to our dear Heavenly Father?  Shall we pray for that closeness and that Presence right now?

Dear Jesus, how many times have we gone to Your Word for lesser motives?  How many times have we searched to prove a point?  How many times will we brush through those words and miss the sight of our powerful and eminent God?  Inflict us today with an awareness of the grandness of God.  Show us His size and might.  Let us be undone by what we experience there with You.  Then let Your Holy Scriptures teach us How to be with Him.  Let them show us how to walk each moment of every day in the closest and most intimate loving relationship we pray.


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