Scattered Sheep

“You will all fall away,” Jesus told them, “for it is written:” ‘I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered.’  But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you into Galilee.”  Mark 14:27-28 (NIV)

Have we fallen away from our Master?  Have we abandoned Jesus?  Has He been struck from our midst?  Are we scattered throughout the land?  Do His words fall on unhearing ears?  Would we pass them off on another?  Do we love to make them pertinent for other people so that we may sit back cozy and warm with our comfortable promises of salvation?

It is so easy to say that Jesus was talking about the time when He was crucified.  It is true.  It is just what happened.  Jesus was betrayed and hung on the cross.  His body was placed in a grave under guard.  His followers were scattered.  His words went direct to them and their situation.  But does this mean that the instruction stops here?  Does that mean that the words Jesus uses are only good for the one moment?   Or has prophecy proved true on many levels throughout the generations?  Have people been helped and healed from the words in the scriptures in every age?  Has the Word of God been just as pertinent to everybody, everywhere and at every time?

To the true follower, is the Word always taken to heart?  Do we eat up every instruction we can find to assure us of a closer relationship with our beloved Savior?  Should we leap at the opportunity to take in His Words as vital and healthy instruction for us too?

If we choose to press forward, He can be ours today.  If we are sincere about a vibrant faith, then we will rest not.  We will seek for Him in every verse.  If we are searching for truth, what is He speaking to us now?  Where is He leading our soul today?  Is He telling us what our situation is like?  Is He guiding us still?  Would He have us know that although we are strung all over the planet, He is going before us?  Will He meet us in “Galilee?”  Have we got a sure appointment in a secure place?  Has He given us a goal to look forward to?  Has He told us that even if we are not physically seeing Him, He is still there and cares about us?  Are we still part of His plan?

Hopefully we can see that Jesus has not abandoned us forever.  Our hearts can still thrill to the thought of seeing Him again soon.   We can lift our spirits and press on to meet Him.  So what ARE we doing?  How are we responding to the news?  Are we merely hiding out and passing the time?  Have we made the issue urgent?  Do we feel the excitement of our Saviors plans to reunite?  Does our heart mount up to move us to make all haste?  Are we doing all we can in preparation?  Are we taking action and moving towards our engagement?  Is it the urge that drives us daily?  Or have we got distracted?  Have we let other things become more urgent that meeting up with our Lord?

Dear Jesus, thank You for telling us Your plans.  Thank You for giving us some place to go.  Please increase in us the overwhelming desire to see You again.  Let it be the force that influences our every thought, every emotion and every move.  Let us accept every Word which might heal us and bring us closer to You.  We long for that day, let nothing or nobody stand in our way.  We have a date with You.  Urge us forward.  Help us on our Way.  Make the thought of that reunion an ever-present blessing to carry us ever closer, ever upwards, and ever harder after You!



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