Jesus´ Relation to God

“I am,” said Jesus. “And you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.”  Mark 14:62 (NIV)

Mankind needs one good reason to finally put Jesus to death.  They have been trying to put together their case against Him.  The world needs a strong argument for killing a Good Man.  Jesus has been relieving the suffering of so many people.  But He is also interrupting man´s way of going about life.  Even chief priests and teachers of the laws of God, are not prepared to drop everything they do and listen to Jesus.  The people have gone about their way of living, worshipping and thinking for so long now.  They have everything in place.  But with Jesus on the scene, are we asked to adjust our thinking?

With Jesus do we need come to terms with putting our attention on Him and not on us?  Do we lose the right to have the final say?   Should we turn to Him for everything?  Are our rituals, our ways of viewing the world, or our heritage with God good enough anymore?  With Jesus, are we not forced to bow to and come to a real Entity to receive all that we need?  Do our fine theology and practices now take a back seat to an intimate relationship with Him?

So the chief priest puts Jesus to the test.  He asks Him directly if He truly is the Son of the Blessed One.  What does Jesus say?  What can He say?  He will be put to death by us if He says yes.  His dearly beloved children of the world are going to kill Him!  Do these poor misguided souls realize that they are choosing their own ways and thinking?  Do they know they are sacrificing the Son of God?  But they insist!  So Jesus responds.  “Yes” he says, “I am!”

He said it!  He had to say it!  And is He saying it again?  Is it His testimony to us today?  Is it the dividing line?  Is it what we needed to push Him off towards His cross?  Is it what will condemn Him to death within our hearts right now?  Did He just admit to be the One thing that ties mankind to the One true God?  By declaring His relation to the Father in Heaven, must we now adjust ourselves to that fact?  By saying He is God´s Son, now do we HAVE to listen to Him?  Now do we need to lay down our rituals and ways of thinking?  Now should we come unto Him to find our Way to the Father?  Does He make a relationship with Him become essential for us to be in good standing with our Maker?  Is it too much for us?  What will we do?

Shall we pray that the thought of Jesus being the Son of the Most High is not a crime in our hearts?  Shall we ask that our Lord shines His light so that we may see our hearts true position of Christ?  Do we want to know if our entire soul is prepared to let Him be God´s Son to us?  Will our heart let itself bow down and come to His feet?  Should we draw near to Him today?  Can we lay down the right to say what should or should not be?  Can we seek His guidance in all matters?  Are we prepared to listen for the voice of the Son of God?  Or will we send Him off to be crucified to us?  Will we prefer not to hear of His Deity?  Is it then easier for us not to adjust ourselves to Him in every given moment?

Dear Jesus, please help us today to come to terms with Who You declare Yourself to Be.  Show us how to make any adjustment necessary within our hearts.  Show us how to reserve for You a seat of honor.  Show us how to come near to You.  Be that all-important Relation to God the Father for us.  Then help us to relate to Him as we relate ourselves to You, we pray.



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