Saving Jesus

In the same way the chief priests and the teachers of the law mocked him among themselves. “He saved others,” they said, “but he can’t save himself! Mark 15:31 (NIV)

How slow are we to learn?  Have we become experts in getting things wrong?  Jesus Christ is hanging on the cross.  He is dying for the sins of the world.  He is paying the ransom for our souls.  He is paying for man´s tendency to look away from God.  He is sacrificing His own life to give us all hope.  He is preparing a way for us to come back into the will of the Father.  Yet men still cannot see it!  We just don´t get it!  We see the sights.  We hear the words.  But are they sinking in?  There is something grand happening here with our world and we have front row seats!  God is at work!  He is playing out His Master work of art and He prepared it for us!  Can we not just open our eyes?  Can we not see the beauty in it all?

One of the most crucial moments in all the history of the world was happening before their eyes.  But the people, who should have most readily seen it, were oblivious to its presence.  The very people who spent more time with their noses in the Scriptures failed to notice that the scene they saw before their eyes was supposed to happen.  The very ones who spent more time in worship could not see how close God was and how active He was at that moment.  The very individuals who discussed more often with the finest minds in their entire religious field did not understand that the Son of God was in their presence.  The actual teachers of the laws of God did not recognize that before them was the One we could all come to for help.

Many things could have blinded those individuals.  Many factors come into play.  But do we today stand free of guilt?  Could we lament their failures and congratulate ourselves on our superior advancement?  Have we drawn closer than they to the Great Unseen Presence?  Is it that Presence which is flowing strong and full within us?  Is it the Force which is unable to contain?  Does it well up from within us, moving us in compassion to all God´s creation?  Do we spend more time than they searching the scriptures?  Are we more dedicated in our form of worship?  Do we pass more time discussing only the Ways of God?  Are we devoted solely to instructing others towards the Lord?

We are humans too and we have our failures and limitations.  But would we be hasty to throw stones at another who wore similar shoes?  Could we benefit more from a healthy hunger after knowing God?  Could we rather devote our time to looking for when and how He is moving amongst us today?    Was their problem the fact that they counted too much on their own abilities instead of leaning on God?  Did they actually take the time to bring matters to the Lord?  Or were they running ahead with confidence in their own interpretations?  They thought of God and prayed to God.  But how close were they holding God in every moment? They thought that Jesus couldn´t be God´s Son because He wouldn´t save Himself.  But should they rather have opened their hearts to see the act of selflessness and love which God was displaying before there very eyes?  What about us?  Could we ask to have our eyes opened a little more today?

Dear Jesus, thank You for saving us.  We come to You today asking for a clearer view of all that You are working on in our lives.  We are human.  The world has a way of getting into our vision.  Please do not let it cloud out our sight of You.  Do not let us lose sight of what You are doing to save us today.  Help us to reject confidence in ourselves, in the hopes of learning more, drawing closer and seeking more healing and grace.  Save us too today, even from ourselves!


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