Preparing To Learn

Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word.  Luke 1:1-2 (NIV)

What have we heard of God?  What did we learn of Jesus Christ?  Surely we have been at least slightly informed.  But what did we really get from it all?  How were we touched?  What was our reaction to the information given to us?  Did we hear from a family member?  Was there some well-intended if not insistent religious acquaintance who tried to lead us to their point of view?  Or did we simply grow up with Christianity all around us?  Is it so familiar to us now that we feel no great need to look into the subject any further?

Or do we have a few questions of our own?  Is there a place within us which stirs a little sometimes?  Have we noticed an emptiness deep within our hearts that does not seem to go away no matter how we try to distract ourselves from it?  Is it just plain difficult to quiet our searching soul no matter how much success or how much pleasure we managed to draw out of life?

If we did notice this pulling of the heart to find some good answers, did we receive the news of God with a spark of hope?  Did we latch onto the thought of having a Savior who was sent from another realm to express God´s love towards us?  Or did we think it was way too far out?  Did we have our philosophy too firmly grounded on what we could see and touch?

Did we weigh the information given to us against what we knew of the physical world we were born into?  Were we able to find a balance between the concept of a Higher Being who cares, and a world of natural law and order?  Was our brain able to embrace the concept of looking above our own intelligence and let ourselves be taught by the whisperings of a gentle Spirit?  Or do we prefer to hold all the cards?  Would we rather stand out on our education?  Do we depend out of preference on what we are able to test personally?  Is it up to us, to say whether something is or is not?

Was the message that we received from our Christian influence a positive one?  Or did we get the impression of some goody-two-shoes pushing their bitter lifestyle upon us?  Were we able to see a person filled with the same love which they spoke of in Jesus Christ?  Did we focus more on the bearer of the news or upon the subject which they held out to us?  Were we able to look past the inadequacies and failures of our brother or sister?  Could we hear through their words of a shining Kingdom lying just beyond our powers to detect with the naked eye?

Were we sufficiently moved as to want to examine for ourselves just Who the fuss was all about?  Do we recognize now within us a curiosity of wanting to get to know personally a being from out of this world?  Is there any excitement in the thought of meeting God in real experience today?  If we let our grounded earthly mentality lift off of the solid plane of scientific certainty, could it find wings to soar up into the unlimited Heavens?  Would we need to let go of too much control to stop and consider the Presence of Jesus?  Can we afford to try?  What do we have to lose?  Our pride?

Dear God, we have heard much.  Our hearts are constantly being pulled this way and that.  Yet we take another chance to come to know You.  As we lift our gaze towards Heaven, come near to us.  Move into the area of our conscious please.  Let us know of Your love.  We may have to step out on nothing but faith.  But we ask to be touched by You.  Be pleased by our sincerity and open our hearts to You today.



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