How Can We Be Sure?

Zechariah asked the angel, “How can I be sure of this? I am an old man and my wife is well along in years.”  Luke 1:18 (NIV)

Can we relate to Zechariah?  Here he is in the sanctuary.  He is visited by a frightening experience.  The angel who has startled him is telling him that he and his wife are going to have a baby.  But he is too old.  It is impossible.  His wife has been sterile over all these years.  How in the world could it be true now that in their old age they could have a child?  Would we too take a step back and say “Hold on a minute?”  “This can´t be!”

When we move about in our daily lives in this world, we compare everything to what we know.  We have experience many things.  We have tested and learned.  When some new experience or idea comes along, what do we do?  Do we weigh it according to what we know of the laws of nature and natural course?  For most of the time, does this way of engaging our situations prove to be adequate?  But what about when it comes to Diety?  Do we reach a point where we come up short?  Is there times where we just have to say that we don´t understand how it could be?  Is that because we are entering an awareness of God?  Does it mean that we might be approaching the One who put our system into order?  Could it be God, who set the very laws which we count on in our natural world?  If we could believe that He exists and that He did plan all that we see, would it be reasonable to think that He could work outside of the very laws He places?

Shall we consider the thought of God creating our natural world.  He makes time, days, planets and starts filling everything with purpose.  He sets limits for the whole system to create order.  The water is held in certain forms depending upon set conditions.  This type of tree can grow to this particular height and live for this span of time.  But should we think that if there is a Being so powerful and so clever to set those limits, that He could also set different limits when and if He desired?  Should we think it possible that God could say that He could let one particular tree grow outside of the restraints which hold the others?  Could He say that this one special tree would be allowed to grow to twice the size of the rest of its kind?  Should we think He has that kind of capability?  Could this be from where the idea of miracles stem?  Would this be when God steps out of line with the natural laws we recognize and commands that the rules are changed in a particular instant?  Would an Almighty God be able to do that?

When Zechariah was confronted with the impossible words of the angel, did he weigh those words by what he understood of God?  Or did he balance what he heard by what we know of the world where we live?  Did he put his faith in the message brought to him from above?  Or did he judge the possibilities by his own knowledge and experience?  What would we have done?  What do we do each and every day?  Is belief an interesting concept?  Does it mean that to believe in God and what God says, we have to let go of what we already know and understand?  Does it mean that we have to concede to Him the ability He says He has?  How can we possibly do that without proof?  Would we need faith?

Dear God in Heaven, when we stop to consider You we come up short.  Enable us if You will, to raise our understandings.  Give us a Guide to lead us forward into truth.  Teach us of Your power, might and love.  Help our hearts and minds to be open to receive Your instruction and awareness of You.  Then give us strength and faith to look beyond what we know.



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