A Prince In A Manger?

While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.  Luke 2:6-7 (NIV)

We find ourselves in Bethlehem.  Joseph has come along with his promised bride Mary.  She is pregnant by the work of God is now having her baby.  But there is no place for them in the inn.  So the verse says that they wrap the newborn baby Jesus in cloths and put in where the livestock feed.

Is this story more than a little well known?  Have we all heard it since we were children?  What have our sentiments towards this story been throughout the years?  Does it warm our hearts and make us think of precious memories and times past spent with loved ones?  Is it something we only associate with a holiday, presents and good-times?  Have we ever stopped to wonder after it?  What do we know of this story?  It has been around for some time.  Could it have been invented as some marketing gimmick to get us to spend money?  Did some church organization create it and push it onto us to make us come into church?  Or does it seem too far out for any of the excuses we could place upon it?

If we look carefully, does the story of Jesus´ birth even make sense?  Would we need to throw up our hands and say that we just don´t get it?  Would we need to look somewhere beyond ourselves for even the faith to believe in it?  Or does this kind of thing happen around us every day?

The Scriptures say that a Mighty Being in Heaven turns His attention towards the people He created.  He wants to send them a message of His good intentions for them and of His love for them.  So He causes a woman to be pregnant so that she will have His Child.  Incredible!  What kind of gesture is this?  How could this be?  Why on earth would He choose to contact us in this Way?  Why doesn´t He just peel back the veil which covers our hearts and let us actually see Him in His glory?  Is it because He knows we could not stand yet in such full light?  Is He deliberately making a Way for people to reciprocate His efforts of entering a relationship?  Would He make Himself available only to those who choose to believe in Him?  Is this why He does not force Himself upon us by peeling back the skies and revealing His presence?

Dear Lord, we are amazed when we stop to consider the story of Your Son.  Why would God in Heaven send His very own Son to lowly people?  How could You send Your Son, the Prince of the Universe to be born in a barn and laid in the hay?  Shouldn´t the Child of God be worthy of palaces and great things?  We struggle to comprehend.  Help our searching hearts to find answers in You.  Show us Your love and good will towards us in the simple and the mundane.  Let us know that You have directed Your attention to even the least amongst us.  Then, as You see our strength of faith building, prepare us for more wonder and awe.  Prepare us for entering a real relationship with You!  Thank You for giving us a choice.  Thank You for making the All-Powerful and Unending King available to humble and sincere hearted people of all ages.  Thank You for Your Gift.



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