Teaching With Authority

They were amazed at his teaching, because his message had authority. Luke 4:32 (NIV)

As we consider Jesus Christ shall we examine what people who came into contact with Him said?  He is called the Son of God.  He called Himself the Son of Man.  As He began His teachings the people were amazed.  They had never heard One Who spoke with such authority.  His message to the world was that God in Heaven was extremely close to us.  The rest of the teachers seem to push God upon us, but the God they push is some distant and vague figure.  Jesus speaks with authority.  He speaks as One who knows.  Can He see the Father?  Does He communicate directly with Him?  Is that what gives Him such authority?  If Jesus has actually been with the Father, does that explain why His teaching is so different from every other teacher we have ever seen?

A man with an evil spirit oppressing him was present in the congregation that day in Capernaum.  This spirit recognized Jesus.  He tells us so.  He says, “I know Who You Are!”  “What have You come to do with us?”  The dark force testifies before everyone that Jesus is the Holy One of God!  What does Jesus do?  How does Jesus react?  Does He continue to act in a manner of authority?  When He reprimands the dark spirit, did it have to quiet down?  Did it have to leave the man whom he was afflicting?  Is this yet another example of Christ´s connection with God?  Can we stop to wonder after the implications of such authority?  Does it spark our curiosity to come to know Him too?  Would we like to experience a relationship with the Son of God today?

As a result of Jesus´ words the affliction left the man and he was healed.  People were amazed.  Do we see any of this kind of authority around us in any other form?  Who today seems to be moving with the power and authority of God?  Would looking to Jesus be a good place to start?  Is it possible that He is still at work even though we may not see Him physically?  Are there people being healed every day from all kinds of terrible afflictions?  Can we find testimonies to the help Jesus has brought others?  Should we think that we too could find some soothing for our own souls today?  Could Jesus still have authority to work within us?  Could He bring healing?  Could He instruct and teach us too?  Would we be amazed if we were to meet Him as well?

Jesus moved around the towns and regions healing the sick and the suffering.  He taught them in their synagogues.  The people of His day sought Him out.  They brought Him all their illnesses.  And He had compassion on them.  He cured them of their ailments.  As the demons saw Him they cried out His heritage to God.  (verse 41)  But how have things changed now that Jesus has been taken from our sight?  Who is left that would seek Him out?  Where can we go for healing?  Shall we go to the synagogue or to the people there?  Or could we seek Him personally?  Would we find healing if we did?  What will be the testimonies of those who were able to find Him?  Would we like to come to know Him to find what authority He can have in us today?

Dear Jesus, we would like to seek You out.  Others have been amazed by the power and authority they found in You.  Could we come to You today?  Will You teach us too?  Will You show us You care about those who seek You?  Can You restore us to health as well?  Will the healing You provide be one of eternal health?  Could we be blessed too, by knowing a little of that relief today?  Please allow us to find our hope strengthened.  Please show us that the One with authority still cares for us today.



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