Lord Of ……….

Then Jesus said to them, “The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.”  Luke 6:5 (NIV)

Jesus and His followers are walking through the fields.  They pluck some heads of grain and remove the chaff to eat the grain.  It seems like such a harmless little act, doesn´t it?  How could this be a bad thing?  In certain cultures, religions or societies has there come to be many traditions and rules?  Do those rules sometimes seem overbearing, ridiculous or irrelevant?  Yet the rules and traditions stand.  There is nothing we can do about them.  They are there and we try as best we can to stay within the acceptable behavior.

Those who were there to push, defend and enforce the rules were quick to point out to Jesus the infraction.  People who live to embrace the pattern and the norm hastily brought it to our Savior´s attention that He was doing nothing about His follower´s blatant disobedience to the rules.  They loved their system of dos and don´ts.  They needed this structure.  It formed the parameters of their existence.  Inside these lines they could move with confidence.  Outside of the rules it was clear to them that people who would step there were proving their disobedience.  The rules for them meant everything.  And Jesus was letting His people step there!

When they confronted Jesus, what did He say?  “Whoops, sorry?”  “We will try harder next time?”  Or, “You´re right, we will have to pay for our mistakes?”  Or did Jesus lead them in a completely different direction?  He said, “The Son of Man is Lord!”  Those eager to live by commands saw their rules as big.  Did they perhaps make them too big even in their own eyes?  Did Jesus try to lift their eyes even higher than their rules?  The infraction was over their rule on the Sabbath.  It was about what is acceptable on the day of worship.  But what is a day set aside for worship?  To whom are they supposed to be worshipping?  What is worship?  Is worship the following of a command?  Or is it actually holding ones heart and soul up to a greater entity outside of ourselves?  Could that entity be our Father in Heaven?  Could the day for doing this actually be an offering set aside for carrying out this wonderful moment of communion with our Lord?

When Jesus told them that God´s Son was actually Lord over this day, was He trying to bring their attention to this?  Did He want them to understand that the most important part was not the rule but the One to whom that rule was supposed to please?  Was He trying to lead them past the superficial and to what actually occurs between the worshipper and the God that is supposedly being worshipped?  In referring to the Son of Man, was He stating both His tie to the Father and to the whole human race?  Was He hinting to His relationship to both mankind and God who sent Him to bring us all together?  Would it put Jesus in the place of importance if this is what Jesus is saying?  Should we understand that the Sacrificial Lamb is this crucial Part of the Great Plan of Salvation?  Could this Christ who is sent to pay for our restoration have been given also the importance enough to be above the rule?  Would He share with His Father the high honor of being One to Whom the rule is offered up to?

Dear Jesus, we hear words that would lift You up.  Some before us failed to give You the right in their hearts to be the One to whom rules and commands would honor.  Please do not let us fall to this.  Help us to see when and if our acts of devotion are truly honoring You.  Let us know if the thoughts and actions that we dedicate to God are in fact worthy offerings of worship.  Do not let us stand upon rules alone.  Do not let us get lost on our traditions and commands.  Help us to find You through them.  Help them only bring us closer together, we pray.



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