The Holy Spirit

And everyone who speaks a Word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.  Luke 12:10 (NIV)

Jesus directs our attention to the concerns He has over our eternal health.  He begins walking us through the dangers we will face as we journey through this life here on earth.  Does He warn us here of those of us, who talk like we have the things of God in mind, but secretly inside are only thinking of ourselves?  Does He warn us of caring too much of what others think or say?  Does He warn us that even though our intentions may be good, we may somehow fall short of pointing others to the Lord?  Does He hint at forgiveness over a multitude of our small failures to uphold Him as God´s Son Who paid a great sacrifice to save us?  At the same time does He share that these crimes against God may find healing in the great mercy of the Lord, but that an insult to the Holy Spirit would be going too far?

By Jesus´ mention of the Holy Spirit is He drawing our attention to this mysterious Being?  With His authority on the subject does the Savior make us stop and check ourselves?  Where do we stand on our concept of the Holy Ghost?  Is He a power?  Is He a Person?  Is He a Force?  Does He form part of God Himself?  What is a Spirit?  Are there really ghosts?  Or can we drop the Holy Spirit down a little and say that He is more like a good feeling?  Would we be better able to relate to Him if we could set a definition upon Him?  Would boxing Him up in a definite explanation make us feel more secure when considering His existence and His movements?  Do we ask ourselves these questions?  Or do we shy away from them for fear that we are walking into a theme that is too big for us?  Does it scare us to think about the Spirit of the Lord?  Can we start thinking that we are safe when we refuse to think too much about the Holy Spirit?  Do we think we are helping ourselves by purposefully neglecting the subject of Who the Spirit of God is?  Do we imagine we are better off when we reject pondering what this Wonderful Spirit is like?

Or is there a chance that we don´t need to be able to completely define Someone connected to God?  Would it be worthy of the Creator, to have aspects and attributes that we can only wonder about?  Would it be a compliment to the Lord to say He is bigger than our capabilities to understand everything about Him?  Is wondering after God a lofty and pleasing form of worship?  Should it thrill our souls just to have the opportunity to contemplate Beings which are infinitely higher than our abilities to fathom?  Is it exciting to stand near unlimited size, strength, wisdom and love?  Do our hearts race when we feel we are nearing the Presence of Entities Who can bewilder us with Their unimaginable greatness?  Are we humbled and awed just to bow down to thought of Spirits and Ghosts that love us so much and have displayed so much care and instruction?  Would we want to lose all the benefits of Light and salvation the Holy Spirit could bring just because we are insufficient vessels to receive all that He Is?  Does it throw us further upon Jesus even to think of trying to fill our understandings with a fathomless God?  Would it be the most fulfilling endeavor of our lives to accept the challenge?

Dear Jesus, You have brought our attention to the Holy Spirit.  We would like to stand on faith that You do all things to lift us up and restore us to the Lord.  So we would like to embrace this opportunity.  Lead us forward where our limitation will not allow.  Lead us into the Wonder that Is our God.  Open our hearts to let the Holy Spirit in today we pray!



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