Telling Time

Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky.  How is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time?  Luke 12:56 (NIV)

Here is our Shepherd Jesus.  But is He gently guiding us forward?  He is teaching on the importance of where our interests lie.  Is He getting down to the bottom line of our religion?  Is He touching on the very base of who we are?  Is He talking about what makes us up?  Is it what forms our thinking and directs us one Way or the other?  Is He lifting our sights Heavenward?  Is He beating around the bush with His words of is He cutting through into very way we think and how we act out upon it?  Does He take our religion away from mere lofty thoughts and wishes?  Does He make it real and pertinent?  Is He talking not to our fine educated minds?  Is He going past just amusing and entertaining us?  Is He going all the way to our soul?  Is He speaking to our hearts right now?

Can we read the words of Jesus and not let them affect us?  Are we getting to be experts at it?  Can we read a text and say that we learned long ago what those words mean?  Could we say that it is simple?  Could we say that our studies or the guidance of another human opened our eyes to the mysteries of the Scriptures?  Would we love to think that our branch of Christianity has all the answers?  Or do we come to the Scriptures each day to learn?  Do we feel a need to approach a little closer all the time?  Are there some wonderful discoveries to be made in our walk with the Lord today?

Does Jesus seem to get all worked up in His instruction here in Luke 12?  Can we sense the urgency in His voice?  Is He really trying to reach us with a point?  Would it be a point we will lose because we pass the importance of it off to another?  Is He talking about how to conduct ourselves right now?  Is He trying to show us where our hearts should be?  Does He draw us intimately together?  Does He lock us to Him and His Father closer than we can hope to achieve alone?  Does He do this because He knows that it is the only way we will find our Way through these dark and confusing times?  Does He show us how we tend to look at the world around us?  Is He saying we are experts at it?  Is He calling us “Hypocrites” because we can see what goes on in the world, but fail to care for what is really happening?  Would He like us to concern ourselves with bigger, more important and infinitely longer lasting issues?  Is He lamenting the lack of importance we place on where we stand with God?  How are we telling the time?

Dear Jesus, it would be so easy for us to say You were talking about someone else.  How could we bear to make Your words include us today?  Yet for the blessing of knowing You, we come to inquire.  What would You like to tell us right now?  Where have we been looking?  We can read weather, we can read books.  But are Your words sinking in to our hearts?  Are we sensing the urgency You would place on them and not the urgency we usually place?  Draw us close today.  Bring us under Your wing.  Teach us Your words as if for the first time.  Tell our hearts where our attention should be.  What are we missing right now?  Have You got cause to use such a harsh word to describe us?  Tell us please!  Are we somehow failing to make You and Your Kingdom all that it should be for us?  Have we become “Hypocrites?”  We look to You.  We wait for Your verdict.  You may find us on our knees.  Pick us up.  Lift our hearts and souls to where You would have them today!  Show us please to tell the real time!


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