While There´s Time

‘As you are going with your adversary to the magistrate, try hard to be reconciled to him on the way, or he may drag you off to the judge, and the judge turn you over to the officer, and the officer throw you into prison.’  Luke 12:58 (NIV)

Jesus is directing His followers on how to view the times in which they live.  Is He trying to prepare them and us for what is coming?  Does He want us to know what sort of attitude we should have in our lives?  Is He giving us a sense of urgency?  He talks about what concerns we should have.  He tells us to keep on our guard.  He warns of opposition.  Can we see that He is really concerned for us?  Is He getting a little worked up over trying to help us see something?  Is He trying to tell us in few words just what we need to prepare us and keep us safe?  Is He trying to bring home to us the realization of our dire situation?  Is He trying to point us in the right direction while there is still time?

Jesus asks us to judge for ourselves.  He speaks of a situation where we are led before the courts.  He informs us that it is better to make amends and settle out of court before we even get there.  Is it just like us to see His words and nod our heads in approval?  Do we take His instruction and find a practical explanation?  Do we look to see if we have any quarrel with another person?  Do we take Jesus´ words as sound advice and look for practical situations?  Or should we actually listen to Jesus´ instruction?  Should we truly HEAR His words?  What has He been talking about all along?  Does He direct our attention to other men?  Or is He begging us to see the importance and the urgency to adjust ourselves to the Lord?  Way before we try to make all amends between others like us, should we be seeking to see where we stand with God?  Will our brother too be in need of making this same connection?  Is it to each other that we should be reconciled?  Or do we all need to reconcile ourselves to our Maker and our Redeemer?

Is this just one single moment in the teachings of Jesus where He might be lifting our eyes higher than our earthly sight?  Or does Jesus consistently try to bring us to the idea that first and foremost we need to be directing ourselves to God?  Should we look to Him before we consider this world where we live?  Would it be good to go to Him before turning to our own conclusions?  Should our relationship with Him be stronger and closer?  Should we be making Him more real?  Or do we think that our dealings here on earth are more important?  Is the quarrel we have with our brother more crucial than where I stand with God?  What should come first?  Are the teachings of Jesus clear on this subject?  Where does He lead?  Would He come to us, then work, suffer and die, just to show us the importance of how to act when confronted with our legal matters?  Or does He see and understand the weight of a higher council where we are all steadily and surely on our way to trial?  Is He warning us while there still is time?

Dear Jesus, Your words may serve us well as we deal with our brother here on earth.  Yet we sense the urgency in Your voice.  Can we heed Your advice now?  Could we examine with You before God where we stand with Him?  While there is still time to reconcile, while there is still time to repair our relationship, let us work it out right now.  Show us our transgression against our Lord.  Show us where we have short-changed God.  Then be our Arbitrator and help us make amends?  Patch our relationship and our love-affair with our Maker today.  Let us go before His council as dearly beloved, and not adversaries we pray.


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