Prayer AND Faith

‘And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off?  I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”  Luke 18:7-8 (NIV)

Jesus instructs us on the art of prayer.  He gives the example of a judge who cares nothing for a certain woman or about what is right or wrong.  Because the woman insistently comes to him, he decides to consider her even though he does not want to.  Then Jesus compares this judge to our Father in Heaven.  Do we think the God Who lovingly made us, cares for us and saves us is far more willing to listen to His children when they come to Him?  Could He be waiting for us and expecting our visits?  Is He more aware than we are of all our current situations?  Is it possible that the reason He has not intervened just yet is because whatever it is, it has not brought us sufficiently close to Him?  Is there the slightest chance that even the worst situations we could face should work their wonders in drawing us nearer to the Lord?  Should they build our relationship ever stronger and make God all the more vital to our every-day life?

Christ assures us that God is ready, willing and capable of handling our case.  His desire is to help us.  So shall we press on in our prayer life until we do make that great connection between us and the Greatest of all Judges in Heaven?  Shall we bring to Him all our cares, thoughts and concerns?  But before we pass on to celebrate the favor we find in our God, does Jesus share a real concern of His?  Does He wonder out loud?  When He returns again will He find faith here on earth?  Why in the world would He do that?  Did He not just give us a key to unlock great treasures of help in the Heavenly Realm?  Didn´t He just tell us we have an inside-track to all kinds of Divine help?  What could He be hinting at?

Shall we look at it again?  Jesus tells us of a Source for help.  He tells us there is Somewhere to go for everything.  He tells us that God is our best option.  He is sure.  So He gives us the means.  He gives us prayer.  He gives us petition.  He gives us a time to come and be with God Almighty.  Has He given us a wonderful Gift already?  Should we also be looking forward to these moments?  Should it be our highest desire too?  Just as the Great Judge is yearning for us to come to Him, should we also be burning to have this same encounter?  Or would we prefer to remove the mutual relationship from this moment?  Would we prefer to focus upon ourselves?  Would we like to concentrate on the circumstances that had to arise before we realized we needed to come to Him?  What carries the real importance here?  Is it the situation?  Is it OUR desires?  Is it OUR needs?  Should we be looking at whatever we had set OUR minds on attaining through OUR petitioning?  Or should we be looking for a moment with the LORD?  Should we be dying to share with Him our concerns and our hopes?  Should we be eager to hear what His response to our situation is?  Should we wonder where He is leading us through them?  Should we be curious how He will express His love, good will and great planning?  Shall we take this attitude of drawing near the Lord through each of life´s trials, triumphs and experiences?

Dear Jesus, thank You for encouraging us to pray.  Let us come ever more often.  Help us to give and receive more each time in a very real and deep relationship with our God.  Show us how not only to pray, but to have faith enough to be with God when we do come to Him!



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