When Will We Understand?

After he was raised from the dead, his disciples recalled what he had said.  Then they believed the Scripture and the words that Jesus had spoken.  John 2:22 (NIV)

Jesus responds to questions over His behavior by saying that they can tear down this Temple and in three days He will raise it up again.  Skeptic and short-sighted people want to know how on earth He can do that.  It took many years to build it in the first place.  What they could not see was that He was not referring to a building built by hands.  What they failed to understand about Jesus was that His eyes and His heart were set on higher themes.   Jesus speaks using familiar names, physical objects and situations.   But is He attempting to direct our attention far above all of this?  Much later, after Scriptures had been fulfilled and Christ had been sacrificed for the sin and separation of the world from God, His Disciples were able to put together the pieces.  Finally they were able to understand where He was going with His words.  It all makes sense now.  But why must we wait?  Why do we wait?

As we read of Jesus, do we find this failure to understand Him only here in this account?  Or will we find the same scenario repeating itself over and over?  Do we find Jesus consistently looking over the crowd, the hustle and bustle and focusing upon God and what God is up to?  Do we see that the confusion comes when human beings take their eyes and hearts off of God and start putting their faith in what they know of this world?  In this case it was people looking at a temple building while God was describing the Object that housed all our sins and took them to the grave.  What other ways might we still be limiting a limitless God?

Could our relationship with Him be one of the areas where we have failed to understand or to make urgent?  Are we putting off the importance of being close to Him right now?  Should we wait patiently our entire lives for the promised Second Coming of Jesus?  Or could we place a lot more attention upon whether or not He has come to us today?  Do we hear His voice throughout our day?  Is it what directs us?  Or do we do that for ourselves most of the time?  Are we following Him?  Or do we follow our own instincts, training and judgment?  How much of Jesus is in every decision we make?  Is every thought run first through Him?  If not, then how close do we think we really are?  Could we make an effort to be closer still?

Would it be far more productive for us in the long run to make an effort to look to God instead of our own interpretations?  Will we have to wait until everything has been accomplished before we begin to see where the Lord is leading us?  Or could we say that we have finally had enough of our own agendas?  Could we come before the Lord and ask Him to start putting His definitions on the things and situations in our lives?  Could we be so bold and daring as to ask Jesus where He is leading us right now?  Do we hear His voice?  Will He reveal to us what He is working on today?  Are we sitting back in confidence?  Or are we approaching Him in every moment?  Are we so close as to see how this moment in time fits into God´s plans?  Are we waiting to understand at some later date?  Or will we come to find out now?

Dear Jesus, help us to take our confidence and our eyes off of ourselves and our world.  Help us look up to a God without limits!  Help us see beyond ourselves and see that God is working on mighty things!  Forgive us for our short-sightedness.  Teach us Your Ways!  Let us refuse to be content to wait for understanding.  Rather let us ask You for understanding right now!  Show us You and Your ways we pray!



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