Water Jesus Gives

Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”  John 14:13-14 (NIV)

Contrast?  Do we have two completely different waters?  Are they set in two very drastically separate fields?  Jesus is at the well and asks a woman for water.  Then He mentions a different Water which He can give.  Coincidence?  Or is our Saviour teaching?  Did the situation just happen randomly?  Or could God have purposely orchestrated it all so that this woman would be there with the Lord?  Is it written down so that we too may be there to learn, even after all these years?  Is her lesson our lesson?  What would Jesus share with us today?

The woman immediately tried to relate what Jesus was talking about to her known world.  She understood how to draw water from a well.  She understood the history of that place.  She knew how strange it was for people from different cultures to come together like they were.  All that she saw was real to her.  It formed her interpretation of what Jesus was saying.  Do we do the same?  Are we just like her?  Do we immediately resort to our familiar world?  Do we weigh Jesus´ words with our understanding?  Should the woman have immediately seen that Christ was directing her to God?  Should we too edge in closer when we hear Jesus directing our attention to the mysterious movements of the Holy Spirit?

What exactly is this Water of which Jesus speaks?  What is it that He can give us?  Would He be speaking merely of a higher point of view by which to see things?  Is He telling us that by including God in our overall psychology we lift the level of our intelligence?  Or is He directing us to an intelligence which does not come from the world of men?  Is Jesus placing us within reach of a Power and Intelligence which is far above our own?  Is He offering to let this “Other” or “Greater Intelligence” move into our lives?  Is He telling us that we may drink and be refreshed by Something that can fill us?  Can It restore us and help us?  Could this “Water” of which Jesus speaks be far higher and completely different than anything we could try and tie It to here on earth?  Could It be Spiritual in nature?  Could It actually Be the Spirit of God?

If we drink of anything that we could find here on earth, we would soon be thirsty again.  If it is the water we all drink each day, tomorrow we will need more.  If it is psychology, soon we will be feeling a thirst for something more.  But if we drink what Jesus is offering us, will that Water Be enough?  If we drink from the Spirit of God, will It begin to live within us?  If we take a deep sip of the Holy Spirit, will He fill us to overflowing?  Will a God without end inside of us become an unending Fountain of Holy Waters?  If we could open our hearts to the words of Jesus and let Him give us this Spirit today, would that kind of Water be able to satisfy us completely?  Those who have thirsted for this Water of Jesus may know that the sensation of thirst after God may never be quenched.  But Jesus can say that we will never truly thirst for lack of the Spirit, for that Well is unending.  Instead, we will thirst for more!

Dear Jesus, give us of this Water of which You speak!  Open our hearts to drink full of the Spirit of God.  Then with the Spirit flowing in us, we will have all we will ever need!  God will well up within us to move us wherever He wishes!  Let us drink this Water today!  Let us thirst for nothing less!



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