Jesus Knows Us

‘but I know you. I know that you do not have the love of God in your hearts.’  John 5:42 (NIV)

Jesus makes a difference between those who turn to Him and those who don´t.  Some people prefer to hold everything in their own hands instead of lay it all down and look to Him for their answers.  He is talking to those who are questioning His work, His words, and what He is up to.  But at the same time is He teaching us all?  Do His words penetrate our hearts too?  When He says He can look into our hearts, what reaction do we have?  Are we happy to stroll with Him through the garden of our secrets?  Are we please to pass between the secret thoughts we have with our Saviour?  Can we show Him with pleasure all that we have considered, all that we have desired, and all that we have enjoyed?  Is it a special moment for us to show the Lord all that is going on inside of us?

Or do we tend to guard our secret thoughts?  Do they incriminate us?  Have we been selfish?  Did we turn our backs on helping someone in need?  Were we hiding the fact that we wanted something someone else had?  Were we harboring desires to shine?  Did we want others to approve of us before we sought approval from God?  Do the quiet thoughts and desires we keep hidden within build up a wall between us and the Lord?  Would we prefer that Jesus does not look too deeply into those murky waters?

When Jesus states flatly that He can see where our hearts are leaning, does He find the love of God there?  Is it the moving force?  Is it what distinguishes us?  Is it what defines us?  Could the people who mistakenly persecuted Jesus, have missed this important and vital point of our faith in God?  Might they have stood on a completely different end of the outcome, had they been moved by a little more compassion from on High?  If they truly sought God and the love He holds for all His creation, would they have been a little more able to see when He was at work?  If they truly loved God would they have noticed that Jesus was lifting God up?  If their love for God was driving them, would they have been the first to come and praise the God of Heaven for all the wonder which Jesus was performing?  If love was what they sought, then would they have seen that these acts of compassion brought glory to the God we all claim to love?

So what about our time with Jesus?  Do we let Him in?  Do we go to Him and let Him look with us at what is going on in our hearts?  What do we think He sees?  Is it love?  Could now be a good moment to take a few moments alone with Jesus?  Could we benefit by sharing with Him the secrets of our heart?  Could we approach Him in love?  Can we ask Him if He finds love in us?  Can we search our hearts now with Him to see if we find the love of God within us?

Dear Jesus, we could try to hide what is going on inside of us.  But surely You see even what we would hide from ourselves.  Please take this moment with us to look into our hearts.  Expose any secret that would show that the love of God is not there.  Make us aware of where our hearts lean.  Teach us.  Fill us.  Give us the ability to overflow with the love of God.  Then whatever the outcome may be, we will be happy to know that God is alive and living within us too.  Make the love of God be the force that moves us today! 



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