Stay By Jesus

At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there.  John 8:9 (NIV)

Stay By Jesus

She is roughly escorted to Jesus.  There she is made to stand in shame.  Her accusers not only want to see her harmed, but they have ill intentions for Jesus as well.  Does the scene come alive?  Can we picture ourselves there?  There are angry voices in the halls.  People are gathered around.  It is a moment of confrontation that we seek to avoid.  The poor woman who has wandered too far down the wrong path knows her time is short.  Her life is in danger.  She is terrified.  As she faces her public trial and disgrace, her accusers begin to question Jesus.   Our Saviour is on the spot.  They want to make a spectacle out of Him too.  They want to expose Him as a traitor to the system they say God gave them.  (The one they have placed their hope in instead of actually coming to Him)  They think by doing this they can prove He is not from God.  But is Jesus alarmed?  He calmly stoops to write in the dirt.  As He does, the curious on-lookers begin to take notice of what He is writing.  Then, one by one they slip away.  In order of their age, they leave the scene.

Amazing!  What do these accusing men see?  Does Jesus expose some secret sin of theirs?  Is there something Jesus writes which touches each one?  Are we all exposed to our hidden agendas when He shines His Light into our soul?  Does it uncover things we have tried to hide even from ourselves?  How incredible that He works in order and peace!  Jesus just keeps writing.  Those who have seen their own disgrace and short-comings depart from Him.  But look!  One is left!  Who is she?  Is she the one the others would throw their stones at?  Is it the one who was the victim of their dark intentions?  Is it the one who is already aware of her shame?  Is it the one who knows she is in need of a Saviour?

Where are we in this story?  Have we thought about it?  Are we honest enough to do it now?  Is there any secret incrimination hiding within our hearts?  Is there any way we have put our own desires before those of our Lord?  Is there any possibility we might need a Saviour?  What is our response to the revealing Light of Jesus?  When we are exposed to His all-seeing eyes, what happens to us?  Do we realize our treason?  Do we stay by His side?  Or do we quietly slip off and go our own way?  If we haven´t realized our need for Him, it is certain that we are not truly standing by Him.  Even if we have gone off to hide ourselves in another area of the church, shall we look to see how close we are to Him?  This poor woman found grace and pardon.  Jesus looked upon her with sympathy.  She stayed by Jesus.  Is that where we will be found today too?

Dear Jesus, these times are dark.  We might not even suspect where we could be wandering from God´s plan for us.  Please shine Your Light within our souls.  Expose all the darkest corners!  Show us where we fall short of God´s hopes for us!  Draw us ever nearer to You.  By Your side is the only place for us!  Only You can bring us safely to the Father.  Only You can wipe away our less favorable side.  Only You can deal with our treason.  Whatever happens in the commotion of today, let us be found standing by You we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg.


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