Slaves To…

Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.’  John 8:34 (NIV)

Slaves To...

Jesus stands in sharp contrast with the world.  His message is for people to come to Him.  He asks men to do something out of our nature to do.  He asks us to set our faith in something outside of ourselves.  He asks us to believe in the Son of Man.  But people have a hard time understanding why.  They don´t see their need for a Saviour.  We are stubborn and obstinate.  We have a difficult time accepting that we are not the authorities on what is really happening around us.  We think we see.  We think we know.  Those who have studied more, have even more difficulty overcoming this habit of standing in the judgment seat.  Those who have attended church also can get a sensation of superiority.  We may feel like we are more informed than the next person.  But is this one principal that we should get straight very early in our walk with Christ?  Do we need to know that there are powers which we cannot see?  Do we need to know that there is an enemy who would disguise himself?  Are there many dark and scary things which would come between us and our chances of standing one day with God?

Is it possible that Christian are the victims that stand most precariously before an attack from the darker forces?  Is it us, who are an affront to the powers of evil?  If we can see where the Devil would like to steal from us our closeness to God, then why can we not see that we are under constant threat?  Why do we puff ourselves up with pride in our beliefs and prefer to call ourselves the triumphant tribe?  Have we not noticed the times when darkness has gotten the better of us? Have we not seen when we have fallen short?  If we are honest with ourselves should we not recognize that the threat against our walk with the Lord is constant?  Should we recognize that the closer we come to Him, the more urgent and devious the enemy will attack us?  If we have sinned before, should we recognize that we need a Saviour?  Should we be the first to know how much we need to be near Him always?  Should we know better than anyone that we will have to press intimately close in every moment to protect ourselves from the attack we may not see?

Before Jesus the Jews of His day took confidence in their privileged heritage.  But Jesus warns them.  He warns us too.  Are we sinners?  Do we need a Saviour?  Should we make it our life goal to gain as much access to Him as possible?  Should we be extremely close with the One Who can save us from the obvious and even the hidden tricks of soul?  Can we get close enough that we too could be set free from trying to believe in ourselves?  Could we escape the illusion that we are not slaves too?  Could we come now just as urgently as ever to Jesus?

Dear Jesus, we live in a treacherous world.  We live in treacherous times.  We may not even guess at the devious forces which could be trying to deceive us now.  But You can protect us.  You can save us!  You can keep us free and safe from even our own desire to think we don´t need a Saviour.  Let us come close to You.  Let us get so close to You that You can cover us, fill us and keep us with Your Presence!  Let us resist complacency today and actively seek You our Saviour, our Hope, and our Lord!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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