Jesus IS! #searchingforchrist #JesusChrist #believe #faith

“I tell you the truth,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was born, I am!”  John 8:58 (NIV)

Jesus IS!

Out of those who live here on earth, the Christian is the one that looks up towards Heaven.  We who claim to have faith in God, believe that there is more out there than we can see with the naked eye.  But we too are held by the limitations of the flesh.  We still struggle to see into the Mystic Realms where God lives.  Our brains, for all the marvels that they are capable of, just don´t seem fit to assimilate all that God Is.  We just can´t comprehend how Immortal can become mortal.  We fail to see how Righteous can enter the flesh of fallen man.  We cannot conceive of the Son of the Almighty laying down His authority for us and submitting Himself to be abused, ridiculed and slain.  We are restricted by our nature.  We are limited by our sight.  But Jesus, what is there to restrain Him?  What power could exist that can stand in the way of the Conquering Heir to the Throne of God?

There are many great marvels found in God.  Two of the most amazing things about Him might be, that the Righteous God would even want to put up with an ungrateful and wayward nation like us, and that the immortal Heavenly Son of God would subject Himself to be born in flesh.  Although the Lord testifies to both, they require a great amount of hope and faith on our part to believe that this could truly be.  But beyond all this, beyond all the claims of Jesus, there He Is.  Regardless of how many will accept His word or not, He Is.  It is not our faith that allows Him to exist.  Our lack of faith does not limit Him.  It may limit us.  It may limit having much to do with Him.  But we do not bring God or His Son into existence by believing.  He just simply Is!

The question we should be asking ourselves is not whether or not Jesus Is.  We haven´t yet been given eyes to see very clearly into those realms.  What we should ask ourselves constantly is how much we want to have of Him.  Do we truly want to know?  Would we like to get close enough that He could show us of His wonders and His love?  Are we really ready to be amazed?  Are we actually prepared to be blown away with what we will find what He will share with His confided ones?  Are we ready to know that Jesus Is?

Dear Jesus, You are the stone upon which we humans stumble.  Try as we will, we all fail to bring You glory.  We are not completely capable of giving You credit for things we can´t see or imagine.  But there are some of us who hear Your words.  There are some who would humble ourselves.  Our hearts quicken when we consider the wonders in You. We would like to bow before You now. We would come to You.  We would like to begin to know You.  Please show us.  Teach us.  Lead us into understanding of You!  Open our hearts to receive You.  Even if it takes eternity for us to realize a part of Who and What You are, begin our learning process now we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg.

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