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Jesus answered, “Are there not twelve hours of daylight? A man who walks by day will not stumble, for he sees by this world’s light.  It is when he walks by night that he stumbles, for he has no light.”  John 11:9-10 (NIV)

Although a beautiful text, the teachings Jesus gives over daylight may at first sight seem a little confusing.  People speculate why Jesus would respond like this to a question.  He is asked why He would put everyone in peril by returning to Judea so soon after people wanted to kill Him there.  But instead of giving a clear answer, Jesus talks of the hours assigned for daylight and for night.  He says people can walk when they have the light of this world.  But when it is gone, they may stumble.  Where could our Saviour be going with this response?  Our teachers may not all agree.  But we still have The Teacher.  Could we ask Him?

As men nitpick over the meaning, could we try to see over our clamorous world and set our gaze full on Him?  How often does Jesus use His words frivolously?  How often are His words directed simply to our earthly scene?  Do the things He speaks of have deeper meanings?  Does He always direct our attention towards God in Heaven?  Is that His urgency?  Is that His ultimate goal?  Is His life and sacrifice, along with every teaching along the Way, perfectly orchestrated in restoring men and women to their God?  Should we think that one text would fall outside of this overall unity of purpose?  If we let His words lead us to the Father through Him, where will they take us?  Will they lift up the Father and the Son?  Will they make the Lord more important for us?  Will we be drawn closer and more fully dependent upon the Holy Spirit for guidance?  Will our love grow for the Scriptures when find them bringing us nearer in heart to God?

Jesus speaks of daylight.  There are many ways to view this terminology.  Jesus is called the Light of the World.  Could He mean that nobody need to worry over earthly situations, even life-threatening ones, while they are in this Light?  Could He be hinting towards certain allotted times or a time where God gave particular Light where men could work and move?  Should we lock away the definition on one certain definition and therefore limit the Word of God to no further instruction for us?  Where would the Lord lead us today from His mention of Daylight?

We read the story and see how the Disciples followed Jesus and were rewarded with the amazingly wonderful treasure of watching Him restore a man to life.  For us today should we think it will be any different?  Could we look past the complications that the world may place in our way?  Could we gladly step in close in the footsteps of our Saviour?  Could we go wherever He would lead us now?  Even if we think that to move where He is trying to take us may complicate our comfortable lives, should we choose to go with Him still?  Could we focus our lives on our proximity to Jesus instead of worrying over the details?  Do we really think we will stumble around in darkness?  Or will Jesus be our Light?  Will He provide exactly what we need to see at His appropriate time?  Could He love us that much?  Is He that wise and powerful?  Could we see today where we should place every step, if we get close enough to the Lord?  Could we experience a few hours of Daylight right now?  Have we found that Light?  Are we ready to take a step?

Dear Jesus, please be our Light!  Bring Your Light into our lives so that we can see!  We want to see the wonders of God!  Let us step into the Daylight!  Do not let us stumble anymore!  When we face darkness or confusion, shine Your Light in us!  Let us bask in the glow of You!  Close to You we know the darkness cannot come.  So draw us closer still today!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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