If Jesus Had Been There #Miracle #God



If Jesus Had Been There

“Lord,” Martha said to Jesus, “if you had been here, my brother would not have died.’ John 11:21 (NIV)

Some people believe Jesus can heal.  Some go a little further.  They believe that Jesus can bring people back from the dead.  Mary and Martha have spent time with Jesus.  They have witnessed His miraculous healings.  They have heard Him teach of the things of God with authority.  They have come to believe in Him.  They know that He is the Messiah.  They believe that He is the Son of God.  They know that if Jesus would have been near, than their brother Lazarus would not have had to die.  They know so much about Him.  They want Him to be near.  But do they still need to learn an important lesson about the Spiritual Realm where God lives?  Do we?

It is great that Mary and Martha believe so much about Jesus.  It is right and correct.  He has the power to heal.  He has the power to restore life.  We today can claim to believe the same things.  We do well when we do.  But could there be a little more involved here than merely setting our hopes on something?  Is there a little more still to be done on our end?  Can we simply cast our hopes up into an endless empty space above in the heavens?  Can we throw our prayers out there in case there is someone will hear and care enough to help us?  Or could we be a lot more directed.  Could we pointedly direct our prayers on the Person we know personally and love intensely?  Should we pray to a dear and intimate Friend?  Should we bow our heads and our hearts before the Lord in actual experience?  Should we expose ourselves to the Great Presence and make an effort to be right there where He Is?  Will we need to make a journey of soul to get there?  Or can we sit back comfortably in our normal routines and our regular daily lives?  Is it like everything else we do in life?  Will we get out of our time with God, just as much as we put into it?  Will we receive as much healing and restoration from Jesus as we have placed personally and truly in His hands?

Jesus came to Mary and Martha in the moment of their anguish.  Will He come to us in ours?  They personally poured out their hearts and professed their faith directly Him face to face.  Will we get that close?  He healed their pain.  He restored life so that they could further believe.  Will we press close enough to witness first-hand the power of the Lord in our life too?  Could Jesus be approaching us today in some Way?  Is He looking for a particular response in us?  Will He be content with mere high hopes?  Or will He notice how much of ourselves is tuned to see Him here with us now?  Will He find all the necessary faith when He looks in our hearts?  Or will He find wisps of wishes?  Will He see that we have spent enough time with Him to know His power and recognize His authority?  Will we see today, just as big of miracles as we are set on seeing?  Will we witness the arm of the Lord at work here and now?  Will we be rewarded by great blessings?  Or will we wonder one day what could have happened if Jesus had been there?

Dear Jesus, be here with us now!  How will we ever know what it is that You have in store for us unless we bring ourselves to You?  Please bless us with this one sweet blessing, let us have you near to us!  By You and in Your Presence, marvelous and miraculous things will always happen!  By You we will never cease to be surprised and thrilled!  Entwined, blended and completely in to You, we will never need to wonder what would have happened if You had been there.  In You and with You we will see for ourselves.  Please let us be there!  Please!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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