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It Was Intended

“Leave her alone,” Jesus replied. “It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial.’  John 12:7 (NIV)

Jesus is at the table.  So is the man whom He restored to life.  Mary opens an expensive perfume and uses the whole bottle on washing Jesus´ feet.  She uses her own hair to dry the feet of her Lord.  Judas objects.  He laments the loss of money that was spilt.  He mentions the fact that the perfume could have been sold and the money used for the poor.  But his statement does not demonstrate where his heart was leaning.  His focus on money has a far more earthly interest.  He has more selfish and greedy tendencies secretly pulling at his soul.  When Jesus responds to the situation He directs us towards neither the needy people nor the earthly money-lover.  Instead He reminds us to have compassion for the person.  He says her actions are part of a greater plan.  It was intended that this woman fulfill this service.   There is a larger unseen Force moving.  In the midst of waste or hoarding, in the middle of desiring or accusing, there is something more important happening here.  God is at work!  Would we do well to be aware that this is happening?  Would it help us today to know that even in our situations, there is something more important going on?

Mary had no way of knowing that her small offering was part of God´s great plan of redemption.  The Disciples could not see that in that moment the Sacrificial Lamb was being prepared for His burial.  A lot was going on but only Jesus saw what God was working on.  Could the same be said for today?  Could God still be at work right now?  Are there some grand plans for the final restoration of God´s people unto Him that are being carried out as we speak?  Are there unseen forces at work?  Could we be intricate pieces to this great plan?  Who of us can say that we know all that the Creator is up to in our times today?  Who knows when or if He could use a Mary or a Judas to perform a small yet significant act?  How are we to know if our words or actions will play an important part in instructing, restoring or bringing people to God?  Would we like our small contribution to the outcome of God´s plan to be more like Mary´s selfless and caring gift to the Lord?  Or are our secret thoughts going to reveal a more selfish or greedy earthy direction of our soul?

God is not asleep.  He will not rest until all of His children are safely at Home with Him there.  He is still working out His wonderful plan of redemption.  Could it be that today plays an important part in that plan?  Could it be that one of us or all of us together will be somehow fulfilling our intended purpose?  Who of us cares if God will be pleased with our contribution today?  Who of us is concerned where our heart is leaning now?  Who wants to know that Jesus will smile at our small gift of soul and say those words again?  Who of us want Him to come to our defense and tell the world to leave us alone?  Who is longing for Jesus to tell those who hear that our offering today is an intended part of God´s great plan?

Dear Jesus, we sense that God´s plan of redemption is playing out in these last days.  As we offer You hearts, our praise and our time, please use what You can of us for Your purposes.  Just let us focus on how much of us we can offer up to You!  Let us give of ourselves lovingly and unselfishly!  May our humble contribution today be what was intended for us in God´s eyes!  May You be lifted up!   May God be glorified in us! 


By S.D. Wonenberg


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