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Death For Life

‘I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.’  John 12:24 (NIV)

Jesus is telling ahead of time of what still had to happen with Him.  He uses the example of a seed that needs to fall from the plant, die, and be buried for it to grow into a new plant.  This seed must follow this process designed by God for it to live and produce its fruit.  How curious and wonderful are the designs and plans of God!  What incredible wisdom and care has to be given to create this process!  What attention and detail must be given always to maintain the correct order and make this process follow through to its designed outcome in God!  What a Wonder is our Lord!  It is no less when Jesus speaks of the Way He has to give up His life for ours.  His illustration is simple, but the process is much more involved.  It is something that must still be lived through for the promised harvest to come.  Can we find beauty in this description of spiritual ways?  Does it lift our thoughts to wonder what else may need to follow this curious process of God?

In our moment of meditation with our Lord, can we let Him guide our hearts?  Can we lift up what we have going on in our lives right now?  What wish or will of ours could go through this process of the seed?  What secret plan of ours may still need to die?  Is there something that we have been pressing towards that has not passed through death for us?  Will we need to sacrifice our dependence on it, for it to bring fruit to God?  Is He asking us to relinquish our fragile hold on our own lives?  Are we bringing what is dear to our heart to the cross?  Is He asking us to give it up as dead?  Will we need to stop living for ourselves?  Must we die to something of the world today?  Will we need to go through this process of dying to self so that a new seed of living for God can start to grow inside?

The whole process has a happy ending.  If we can see to it that this process of God is followed through, where will it leave us?  Will new Life begin to sprout within?  Will what starts to grow inside of us spread to into a formidable plant?  Will it bring from its healthy new form, abundant fruit?  Through the death-to-Life process our Saviour produces a great harvest for our Heavenly Father.  If we can follow our Lord in Spirit, what will our seeds be?  Will they also make our God happy?  Will they be seeds of spiritual reward?  Will they be sprouts of faith in the hearts of those around us?  Who can tell the ramifications of this special spiritual secret of our God?  Who wants to learn from Jesus today what still can be gained, if we can experience Death in some Way for Life in Jesus Christ?

Dear Jesus, we hear Your voice speak to us of mysterious spiritual things.  Our imagination runs ahead to dream of all it could mean for us.  But we hear the promise of fruit that can be harvested by our Lord.  So we look to You.  Please teach us today.  Whisper to our hearts what we can give now.  Is there something we could bring to the cross?  I there something we need to let go of with our hearts?  Is there something we could hand over unto death of our earthly life?  If we can give it up, will Your Word still hold?  Will we experience something like a seed in us?  If we can die to the world, will you raise up a healthy spiritual plant of life in us?  Will we produce much fruit for the Lord?  Give us the courage to take Your hand now!  Walk us through the process!  Let us follow You in this step from death to Life with You we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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