One Who Serves Jesus #Christ #God

One Who Serves Jesus

‘Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.’  John 12:26 (NIV)

Where are we?  What does our day look like ahead of us?  When we look back at what we have lived so far, what do we see?  How close to our Lord are we walking?  Do we have faint imaginings of serving Jesus?  Do we think we already follow Him?  Are we with Him now?  Could the words Jesus uses, paint us a pretty good picture?  How many of truly are laying down our own priorities and doing what it takes to be right where He is?  He speaks in general, but His words are singular.  He says, “My servant” and “the one.”  Do we sense a sharp pain inside to think that perhaps that follower or those few followers may not include us?  Do we prefer to think that our love for our Lord is real?  Just what is it that will prove our love for Him right now?

If we have decided to follow Jesus, then we tend to think that all these questions have been answered for us.  We go on with our daily routine.  We set out to achieve our goals.  We attend our services and hold our own devotions.  But is this what Jesus is saying when He says that where He is, there will be His servant also?  Are we speaking of a proximity in space?  Do we think we are nearer to Him if we are standing in a church building?  Do we think that following our Saviour means carrying out a few more rituals, saying a few more Bible quotes, or abstaining from some secret delight of our own?  If we dutifully follow through with those actions, are we then closer to Him?  Do we think we are close if we have our philosophical or doctrinal religion more correct than the next guy?  If we have read the Bible more intelligently than all the other people who have set themselves out to do the same thing, does that mean that we are closer than them?

Or is it possible that to be close to Jesus it would mean that we really know Him intimately?  To it clarify our vision, let´s look at an earthly relationship.  We can say we love someone.  We could go shopping for them and buy them all kinds of treats.  We could gather our friends together and talk loud and flattering about this person.  We could go to all the places that this person likes and do all things that this person enjoys.  But if we truly loved that person, would we need to do all that with them?  Would we need to take time from all our raving over them and actually spend time with them?  Would we need to be there to experience the smile on that person´s face, to feel his or her warm embrace?  Could Jesus be speaking of something like this?  Does He want more people to flatter Him?  Or does He want servants who are looking to be with Him?  Is He looking for closeness in heart?  Is He looking for people who want to be aware of His Presence and seek it always?

A small child does not need his parent’s flowery words, expensive gifts or showy expressions of feinted love.  That child needs to be with its parent!  Should we think it is different with Jesus?  Do we want to be where He is?  If we want to see who the one who serves Jesus is, where will we look?  Will the true follower be right beside His Lord?  Are we?

Dear Jesus, place within us a deep painful yearning to be closer to You!  Let us throw of any misconceptions of where we stand with You!  Don´t let anything come between us!  We pray that we find our Way into Your Presence today!  That is where we want to be now!  That is where we want to stay forever!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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