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Voice From Heaven

Then a voice came from heaven, “I have glorified it, and will glorify it again.” The crowd that was there and heard it said it had thundered; others said an angel had spoken to him.  John 12:29 (NIV)

The Saviour praises God and says to His Father to glorify His name.  Suddenly a Voice out of Heaven responds to Jesus!  What do we do with an expression like this?  When we come across a statement in the Bible where God moves into conscious reality, how do we explain it?  When the paranormal happens, do we take a step backwards?  Do even good devote Christians feel a little on the spot and a need to defend such occurrences?  Do we?

The people who heard It in the Presence of Jesus had their difficulties too.  Some said that the Voice thundered.  Others imagined angels.  But the Voice that came responded to Jesus calling Him Father!  The Voice uses the Word I, to refer to Himself!  The Voice that spoke said that He has done something and will do it again!  The Voice speaks of a purpose!  The Voice says that It has glorified and will glorify again!  It says that It glorifies the name of the Lord!  What can we say about that?  Does “Amen” come to mind?  Or can we detect a lesser response within our hearts?  Have we ever thought about it?  Are we considering it now?

We do not like to insult the religion of people who are fervent in their beliefs.  But if Christians can vocalize their own belief in God, then they should also be able to say that they believe in Something bigger than we can explain.  If God is big enough to be God, than surely our attempts to categorize, label, or adequately describe could never fully cover all that He Is or can do. The paranormal becomes the normal whenever we talk of God.  There is no way that we can tarnish or limit the Righteous God in Heaven.  There is no way we could ever fathom or put the Almighty into a neat little package!  The closer we come to Him, the more we realize His indescribable greatness!  The more we know of God, the more we see our lack of understanding.  The more we understand, the more we realize our need to learn!  The God that the Holy Scriptures speak of has these kinds of qualities.  The voice that thundered and people heard moved them to wonder.  Does the Voice that comes from Heaven still find this reaction in us today?  Can we hear it?  Are we listening?  Is it just a faint whisper?  Or is it shaking the foundations of our world?

Dear Jesus, we hear of a Voice that thunders.  We hear of God speaking to people.  Through all our limitations, we struggle to comprehend.  We don´t know how it could be.  But there are some of us who truly do want to hear it.  There are some who will acknowledge the improbabilities, but will set our hope in Heaven.  Unleash upon us the Voice of God!  Thunder in our lives today!  Speak to us!  Let us hear again the unexplainable Voice!  Let us hear now!  Tell us that the name of the Lord will be glorified today we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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