By Love

By Love

‘By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”  John 13:35 (NIV)

How long did it take us to learn all that we need to do to be good Christians?  Did it take years?  Did it take months, weeks or even just a few days?  Are we still learning?  What points stand out to us about the Way in which we should conduct ourselves in our daily lives here on earth?  Where do we focus most of our efforts?  Do we think about it?  Do we have certain aspects of our faith that we hold more important than others?  Could we say that those around us should also be able to detect that we take these things more seriously?  If we truly believe them with all our heart, would it be a surprise to find that our highest goals in this life remain undetectable and secrets to those whose lives we touch?

Jesus gives us a rule by which to measure.  He gives us a fail-safe command that will show us and those around that we truly do follow Him.  This rule is love.  Is it on our list of things to do as Christians?  Where does it stand on our list?  Is it high up on that list or down a little lower?  Is it even on our list of things to do?  Is it so widely preached that we forgot to jot it down?  Have we taken it for granted?  It is the proof that is given that we are indeed His disciples.  Should we all pray that it is the one single-most outstanding feature we have?

As we look around us at the general state of our church, our society or our nations, what do we see?  Do we see a lot of disciples of Jesus?  How much love do we find?  Who is really caring about the others?  Do we find people reaching out to some, but hating the rest?  If we examine ourselves, what do we see?  Are we charitable always?  Is the love of God radiating from us to all we come in contact with?  Or are we able to pick and choose the ones whom we will show kindness to?  Can we detect compassion within us even to those who would do us harm?  Who is there left that is concerned about putting their arm around someone who stands against us?  Have we modified Jesus´ command to love?  Have we made it only apply to the ones we prefer to love?

Today would be a great day to have a look with our Lord into our heart.  Could we ask Him to show us where we are charitable and where we are choosing to withhold it?  Could we ask the Lord to fill us with His love?  Could we ask to be allowed so close to Him that His love radiates from us?  Could we fill ourselves so full of our love for our God that it spills out to all whom we come into contact with?  Could we ask that it flows so freely from us that those that meet us will see that we are disciples of Jesus?  Can we learn even today that the only Way to be a truly good Christian will be by love?

Dear Jesus,

God is love.  By love You came to us.  By love You were sent.  By love You teach us daily.  By love You walk along with us.  By love You gave Your life for ours.  By love You returned to the Father.  By love You have gone to Him to intercede for us.  By love we would follow.  By love we would be known.  By You we too can have love.  By You is where we want to Be.  By love we will live!  Please fill us with that love today!  Let us be Your disciples.  Let us be known by love!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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